Taking the fight to St. Clair County

Getting the new year off on the right foot, I am embarking on a mission to address issues which remain from my arrest and beating by Fairview Heights Police on Feb. 17, 2009 and the criminal actions of Joshua Alemond and Aaron Nyman. Along with those criminal acts, the refusal of government “officials” to apply the law against these men for their criminal deeds. Taking this premise further, the system of abuse, misfeasance, and malfeasance by “officials” in one of the most corrupt counties in Illinois, St. Clair County.

I am beginning with a letter to the Editor of the Belleville News Democrat which speaks to this endeavor. Since letters are limited to 250 words, the details will be published on this site and the letters used as a reference to those posts.

First letter to the Editor of the Belleville News Democrat on 1/3/11

A new year is upon us, and with it, the old corruption and abuse of a failed and bankrupt government.

A recent election has moved the pieces of St. Clair County government to new positions, but the game has not changed.  There remains a system that exploits the ignorant and fearful. It is supported by liars, exploiters, and fools. Be honest. This is not “your” government, is it? Have you really steered this behemoth into bankruptcy and decay, or have you been nothing more than an unwitting dupe along for the ride?

The truth is, most people don’t care. They quietly realize what is taking place, but ground themselves in superficiality and materialism. They have placed their lives, and their family’s lives, into the hands of self-serving oligarchs who promise comfort and safety while lining their own pockets.

I am taking this year to finish what “they” have started. I am coming after the deceivers and abusers. It’s time to be honest.

I will be following up with more letters dealing with issues I have been privy to involving corruption and abuse in this area. The Belleville News Democrat is aware of it, as I have provided to them the same information. A blind eye has been opened.

Government protects itself, not the people.  To the judges, prosecutors, and police…. Do what you will, I don’t care.  You are the criminals. You wield arrogance and violence. Save your threats.

Familiarize yourself with the issues at http://www.markmccoy.com

More to come…..


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