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(Prior to making this Declaration, I studied the circumstances giving rise to much of the turmoil, strife, and suffering in our world and this country in particular. After only forty-something years on this planet even I can see a marked change in society and government. Does government dictate to society, or is society antecedent to government? Is it that government is society’s response to its problems, or are the problems in society a result of government? I understand and agree with the concept of government. Government admits to man’s imperfections. If everyone were a reasonable, rational, and conscientious individual then government would not be needed. If a society is comprised of individuals, then who is there to protect themselves against if not irrational, unreasonable individuals? Government is that mutual protection against unreasonable, irrational individuals. However, once power is established in an institution or body of men, that power is never relinquished unless done so through force of people reclaiming that power. I see more-and-more powerless people and more-and-more powerful institutions. I see people abandoning their responsibilities in favor of adopting government as their source for reason. This in itself is not necessarily bad, for those submitting to such an existence do so at their own peril and theoretically the damage is limited to those living under maligned authority, but the cancer has metastasized and now infects other societies through conscription, force, and pervasive ignorance. What recourse does a free man have when he is either to submit to what his conscience identifies as injustice and injury, or to reclaim his place in this world as his own sovereign, beholding to no artificial construct or expedient acting as, or calling itself, a just government? Rather than wander the maze of deceit, obfuscation, and threats; and when seeking aid from apparently responsive servants am met only with further injury through lies and dissemblance; I am taking myself back to my natural state, fully informed and possessing reason and knowledge, choosing anew where my allegiance will lie and to whom I will submit. I believe that those in government will either  not understand my rationale or reason, since many of them believe that power begins with them, when it is each individual, responsible, and sovereign man and woman that breathes life into their office through their consent. My consent, if required to be given, is not consent, but homage. If consent is given, it can be retracted. Through this Declaration, I correct my previous mistakes in giving allegiance, assistance, or energy to, and thereby being bound to support through my labor and property, a government that does not comport with the basic concepts of what government was intended to be; viz., an expedient in providing for the mutual protection of the life, liberty, and property of those who consent.)

In the course of a lifetime, when one discovers and submits to a truth that evinces at the confluence of all which is physical, spiritual, and reasonable in a natural world; and there find that which had previously been accepted as truth to be a yoke of ignorance and fear; and those who fitted the yoke, secured its place, and assigned its encumbrances, to be interlopers between would-be-beasts and sovereign beings. Thus, but one recourse presents itself in remedying the ignorance born from having accepted institutionalized sanctimony that perfunctorily acknowledges a Creator, yet compels servitude and obedience to earthly authority, with but one choice, that is, to claim a rightful place in this world which the Supreme Creator has provided for all, as equals amongst all, rulers above none, sovereigns amongst sovereigns, and bound only by the moral duty to live the term of a life as peaceably and prosperously as possible at whatever cost deemed just and at no expense to any other.

(After years of study and education in public and private schools, I came to recognize inconsistencies between what I was taught, and what people believe, and what facts, history, and research revealed. People dutifully pay homage to their God, Savior, Creator… yet, the evidence is irrefutable that people live first by what laws man may pass, even when in contradiction to what their conscience or religion dictates. When taking the opportunity to query those who can supposedly reconcile the disparities, I was often met with dismissal or contempt for broaching the subject. Many of the evil and violence in the world today, and for eons past, has been undertaken with the permission, and often impetus, of government. I perceive a world where the darkness of serving earthly authority is again manifesting. I have to make a decision to continue to align myself with the law of man or the law of my Creator.)

I have met with such a truth, as I have come to know it, understand it, embrace it, and now choose to be ruled by it for the rest of My days.

(Having not been introduced with any authority or knowledge to the contrary, I believe that acting upon any reason other than my own is immoral and irresponsible. If I am ultimately accountable for my actions in this life, I have a duty to seek the truth, and bind myself to that truth; living my life accordingly. I will not allow myself to be governed, possibly to my detriment, by the will of another. If I am to pay the price, then it is by my understanding that I will act.)

I, commonly known and hereafter referred to as, Mark McCoy, given the birth name of Mark McCoy by My natural parents, hereby make known to all members of Mankind, lovers of Liberty, children of Peace and the world; as well as tyrants, oppressors, usurpers, rulers, and presumed authority, the following Public Declaration — Be it known that I, Mark McCoy, am in full control of My physical and mental faculties. Be it known that I, Mark McCoy, make the following Declaration voluntarily, freely, and absent any outside influence, coercion, or duress. Be it known that I, Mark McCoy, accept full responsibility for My life and the actions taken in the exercise thereof. Be it known that I, Mark McCoy, am healthy, fit, of no physical or mental incapacity whatsoever, and am fully aware, educated, informed, and knowledgeable. Be it known that I, Mark McCoy, stand before My Creator; thankful for all of the power and freedom I possess as a consequence of My birth; and in doing so avow to submit to NO earthly authority, be it political, societal, or otherwise unnatural, and will with every fiber of My being resist to the death any attempt of conscription, recruitment, accountability, allegiance, obligation, submission, compliance, or subordination by any man, woman, person, or entity. Be it known that I, Mark McCoy, desire peace, tolerance, freedom, liberty, and accountability for Myself and all mankind and that I will stand fast against any power, will, or force that may result in my transgressing from those principles. Be it known that I, Mark McCoy, believe and affirm that I am ultimately responsible for My actions in this life, subject to the Supreme Arbiter of the Universe, and as such will not allow others to guide or command Me to act in ways inconsistent with My Conscience for which I will personally be held to account. Be it known that I, Mark McCoy, will submit only to the pains of punishment for transgressing upon the like rights, property, and liberty of free-born, natural beings. All other edicts, laws, regulations, or methods of control are disavowed and inconsequential in the exercise of My life. Be it known that I, Mark McCoy, hereby set forth the following statements in Declaring My Sovereignty, claiming My Expatriation, and Dissolving all previous National and Political Allegiance:

(At any time there can be a number of personas that we adopt for particular circumstances. Since I am referring to my natural, flesh-and-blood person, and not some corporate, commercial, legal, or convenient persona, it is important to identify myself and my capacity in making this Declaration. I attempt to avoid facades, constructs, and legal artifices in identifying myself in contradiction to other references made to the name “Mark McCoy”. In my simplest terms, I am a free man living in a natural world and accountable only to that which created me. This statement creates the base which upon all the following statements are given context and meaning.)

I am a natural-born, independent, free-man who, at the time of My birth, entered this world under the care of My natural parents and in full possession of all the rights, faculties, freedoms, and power I would ever possess for the term of My natural life.

(This statement is pretty self-explanatory, but speaks to my arrival in this world, unencumbered by anything and possessing everything I can ever claim as myself. I have relinquished none of my power, nor can it be taken. If I am born free, then how can I be subjugated if not through my own will?)

I aver only to a natural world, and disavow constructs, artifices, and entities created by the mind and hand of man when such may deem to bind or subject Me to any power exercised thereunder.

(Many of the pitfalls, presumptions, traps, and adhesions under which many suffer do not exist in nature, but are often the fruit of mischievous minds of men who perpetuate ignorance, foster fear, and reap the fruits of the marriage of both. If I am to submit myself to artificial constructs then it will be voluntarily, but never submit to any authority that attempts to subjugate or bind me irrevocably.)

I understand, believe, and have come to know that there is NO power on this earth superior to the personal power endowed to Me by My Creator. There may be superior force designed to compel My obedience and compliance, but such force, when exercised by unjust power, is nothing more than naked aggression, tyranny, and evil.

(I believe that NO other has any superior earthly power over another. No man can subject another man to his will without the consent of the other. Others may exercise power over another, but if it is against the consent of another the power is unjust. This statement affirms the supremacy of the individual.)

I reserve My natural right to exercise any and all means of self-defense with any and all weapons or devices at My disposal against any and all aggressors that may result in harm or death to Myself or others who may assail Me.

(This statement affirms the right of all people to defend themselves in any manner if assailed. There is nothing in nature that commands anyone to submit to bodily harm if acting peaceably and unprovoked. This statement seems obvious, but the concept is often lost when authority is exercised over people in violent ways; and where resistance is portrayed as irrational or unreasonable.)

I reserve My right to possess anything I may call “property”, that I have acquired by My own just, peaceful efforts, and which may consist of any plant, animal, mineral, composition, machine, device, drug, weapon, or product. I may possess such for My own purposes, defined by My own intentions, and that which does not pose an immediate threat or harm to the life or property of another. Any attempt to deprive Me of My “property” will be met with defense thereof to whatever extent necessary to preserve such.

(This statement affirms the right of people to peaceably acquire and possess whatever they desire, absent an immediate and demonstrable threat to the life or liberty of another. What we may own or acquire through peaceful industry is not within the domain of government to approve or deny. This includes drugs, weapons…. etc. The mere presence of particular items in this world is not in itself a threat. The possession of such items is not in itself a threat. It is the intent of those who possess such items, and the initiation of actions based upon that intent that poses a threat to life and liberty. Therefore, I do not aver to government depriving me of ownership, or restricting my desire to own, whatever property I peacefully desire to possess.)

I unequivocally declare that I am the Supreme earthly authority over My physical person; spiritually bound to My Creator, and subject only to the just adjudication by My Creator for all My earthly transgressions. I am a Sovereign power unto Myself, posing no threat whatsoever to the just exercise of the like Sovereignty of other autonomous, self-determinate People.

(This statement acknowledges my commitment to my Creator and my intentions towards peace.)

I admit to having submitted to the demands and will of others who exercised influence and authority over Me, at times to My detriment, without My full informed consent; but rather out of intimidation, fear, and ignorance.

(This statement acknowledges that I have acted in ways inconsistent with my conscience in the past, as well as accepting responsibility for neglecting my duty to my Creator to abandon fear and battle ignorance.)

I do not acknowledge any authority, power, or jurisdiction as a consequence of My physical presence, wherever such may be claimed; nor submit to any of the aforementioned as a consequence of My actions in enjoying or exercising any of My natural rights in a peaceable manner.

(In the administration of law, jurisdiction is the nexus. In today’s world, in this country, there are numerous jurisdictions that attach at any given moment. Congress claims jurisdiction in matters of commerce; health, safety, welfare, treaties….. Claims of jurisdiction are not always accurate or applicable. They are often presumed, depending on the activity engaged in. Here, I am asserting my right to enjoy my natural rights wherever I may be, and in refutation of whatever jurisdiction may be claimed if I have not actually submitted to that jurisdiction.)

I do not seek the consent, acknowledgement, approval, permission, or recognition of anybody or anything in My display of honor or obedience to My Creator; the manner in which I worship; or the actions I may take in the exercise of any and all gifts, blessings, freedom, or rights I believe are bestowed by Him. I believe it is My right and duty to defend, with force if necessary, any intrusion or interference with My relationship with My Creator.

(Owing first, allegiance to my Creator, the manner in which I honor or worship him is beyond the purview of government. This includes adhering to my conscience in dictating my actions and behavior.)

I have not adopted or accepted any definition of rights, liberty, freedoms, or identity promulgated by any earthly power. I have not attempted to enumerate any of My rights, as endowed by My Creator, for such a list would be too exhaustive to undertake and possibly construed by others to be a definitive list of My rights, which are indescribable, boundless, and beyond the comprehension of artificial constructs.

(When the Constitution of the united States of America was being ratified, some states demanded a Bill of Rights; knowing full-well the propensity for government to meddle maliciously with power. Alexander Hamilton was against a Bill of Rights, referring to such peremptory declarations as mere parchment barriers. The anti-federalists nevertheless demanded such a Bill before they would ratify the Constitution. Since that time, especially the passage of the 14th Amendment, government has resorted to looking to the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the source for our rights. This is where Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights are gleaned. Government has long-forgotten the concept of natural rights that belong to all men by way of their birth and Creator. In effort to circumvent such deceitful and disingenuous rationale, I make this statement to claim all of my natural rights and disavow or reject prescribed or enumerated rights.)

It is My belief and understanding that the man-made artifice known as “government”, once served a purpose in effecting a consenting People’s desire for the mutual protection of life, liberty, and property. It is My belief that government is an anachronistic relic of a time where circumstances induced people to trade Natural Rights for privileges and benefits derived from the Civil Power. It is My belief that a pattern exists where government no longer operates under the intended desire of consenting People for the mutual protection of life, liberty, and property, but has deviated to a course of abuse, violence, theft, deceit, fraud, and coercion; operating to the detriment of those who choose to not consent, and to the benefit of those who seek out government as a proxy for effecting the pursuit and furtherance of various self-interests.

(The widely-held belief that government is for protecting life, liberty, and property has given way to government commandeering rights and redistributing them in by way of privileges and benefits; of which allegiance and subjugation is required. Government, as it operates today, is not the form or function of government that serves the interests of consenting people forming such for their mutual benefit. Many of the reasons for government are outdated, since people have much more personal power to provide for their own health, safety, or welfare in today’s world. The threats that once stalked the vulnerable of the past have been replaced with consolidated power in government serving the elite and privileged, and not the liberty-minded, responsible people who are self-determining.)

I believe the ONLY legitimate function of government, of any kind, to be for the mutual benefit of those explicitly forming such government and submitting to its jurisdiction for the sole purpose of protecting life, liberty, and property. Any other action undertaken in the name of ANY government that is inconsistent with the aforesaid concepts is unjust, unlawful, repugnant, and non-binding upon any Sovereign man or woman.

(I go on to reiterate the only legitimate function of government is the protection of life, liberty, and property; and any other function is illegitimate to sovereign people.)

I believe that government is NOT sovereign; that sovereignty begins with the Creator; is bestowed to those he creates; and cannot be surrendered, waived, transferred, or assigned to any unnatural entity that may then possess sovereignty superior or equal to that which created it. Therefore, it is NOT possible for government to claim the status of a sovereign as compared to that of the People who choose to create such government.

(Government uses the argument that it is sovereign, and deserving of our allegiance and obedience. This rationale used to be promoted by monarchs where they equated themselves with being God’s stewards on earth, but the founders of America posited a doctrine of popular sovereignty where sovereignty resided with the people, and they bestowed a limited amount of their sovereignty to a representative government. It was never intended that that sovereignty could ever be more than the people possess in their private, natural capacity, and therefore subject them to the will and power of government. There is no way that government can ever possess more sovereignty than the people who create such government.)

I recognize and understand that government has organized and mobilized a force comprised of individuals who are armed, trained, and presumably empowered with “authority” to enforce laws, edicts, proclamations, rules, ordinances, and regulations in the name of “public safety”, “national security”, “common good”, “police power”, and other contrivances used to placate people into accepting an armed, standing presence designed to compel obedience and compliance. I recognize and understand that those individuals comprising this force are morally bound, obligated, and reasonable in adhering to the laws of nature and respecting the sovereignty of others. They are assumed to be reasonable and responsible for their individual actions. I therefore assume that any action taken upon them, against My life, liberty, or property, is purposeful, intentional, and deliberate. I will deem any action taken by them, against My life, liberty, or property, to be an act of war. I will defend with force to whatever degree and with any means at My disposal, and to whatever consequence possible, My life, liberty, and property against any and all actors exercising such force.

(I believe that America is essentially a police state. We have among us a standing army of men and women who are armed and shown to be violent. Conventional wisdom tells us repeatedly that police are, by way of merely belonging to that institution, noble, honorable, altruistic, and iconic. More and more we hear of situations where people are tasered, shot, beaten, or otherwise assaulted for failing to submit to such authority. Police are people acting in a role. It is this revered institution that provides refuge for men and women who have little compunction in exercising undue force over others. I am aware of the presence and use of this institution when government attempts to reign in those who speak ill of its authority. I refuse to submit to any arbitrary authority and will resist any force exercised against me. I reserve my natural right to defend myself against all aggressors, regardless of how they may be dressed or decorated. Police are men and women who are ultimately personally responsible for their actions whether serving in an official or private capacity. I do not recognize that institution as being the arbiter of what is just when exercised against me.)

I do not believe that I am a U.S. citizen, a citizen of the United States, a statutory resident, a statutory person, a taxpayer, or any other creature, fiction, subject, or definition found in statutes, codes, ordinances, or anywhere else that does not recognize a natural, free-born man. This statement shall serve as My Declaration of Expatriation from the corporate government of the United States. I furthermore seek no benefit, exercise no privilege, pledge no allegiance, lend no support, swear not to defend, nor otherwise submit Myself to any authority or jurisdiction of the corporate government of the United States.

(This is probably the most controversial statement in the entire Declaration. Again, there is little harmony between the language of law, and the language of people. After reading volumes of law, court cases, treatises, and history, it is foolish to apply the language of common men to the law. The terms I identify in this statement are specific, specifically-defined, and often misapplied or misunderstood. I do not accept the stated terms as applying to me. Such terms apply to people, as well as incorporeal constructs, and are not a result of nature or birth, but of adopting or accepting those terms as applying to them by way of their seeking a special status, exercising prescribed privileges; or accepting certain benefits, not available to free-born natural people. In order to receive these privileges and benefits, reserved for those claiming to be one of the aforementioned legal terms, allegiance and servitude to the federal government is required. The status’ are voluntary, and do not attach by way of birth. The status’, however, are subordinate to and less than the status of being a free-born, independent man. This statement is where I remove any presumption by the federal government to bind or subject me to the diminished citizenship status in exchange for my allegiance. This statement serves to expatriate me from the legal entity; the corporate structure; the extra-constitutional, United States government. However, this is not to say that I renounce my Citizenship as an American. America is my country of birth. The United States, as differentiated from the united States of America, is the corporate, legal fiction located in Washington, D.C. and identified in the Constitution of the United States of America. Antecedent even to my Citizenship as an American is my Citizenship by birth (ius soli) in Missouri. I reject the citizenship conferred upon second-class, federal citizens by way of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Such citizenship is not ius soli, since I was not born in the United States, but in Missouri (my state) and America (my Country). It all depends on how the name “United States” is being applied. Under Common Law, as in the Constitution, ordinary meaning is applied to the words because that document cannot redefine words already defined by the common use of the language of that day. When the Constitution was written there was United States Citizenship, meaning national Citizenship. Following the Fourteenth Amendment there became United States citizenship, which was created for the freed blacks. The words identified above have different meanings than are used in common speech because they are found re-defined in the United States Statutes at Large and United States Code. I retain what is mine by my birthright, and reject the fabricated, diluted, and prescriptive rights and subordinated citizenship of the Fourteenth Amendment.)

I am not the holder of, in possession of, claim no property right to, nor accept as Mine any Social Security Number, Taxpayer Identification Number, Drivers License Number, or other identifying number used in administering privileges and benefits by government. Any prior reference to such numbers was in error and ascribed to ignorance, and all such numbers, being the property of those agencies issuing such, are hereafter surrendered and rescinded.

(When a citizen of the United States, or a subject thereof, wishes to exercise a privilege or seek a benefit, they must first possess a license or number associated with the privilege or benefit. Since I only possess rights, unalienable and absolute, I am not required to possess a number or seek permission to exercise such. Since the permission belongs to government, as does the privilege or benefit, I wish to possess no such number since I exercise nothing requiring permission by free-born, independent men.)

My name is not acknowledged by me to be MARK MCCOY. I am not the holder of, in possession of, claim no property right to, nor accept as Mine, any government issued or commercial document bearing a name “MARK MCCOY”. I do not acknowledge nor accept anything to represent My name if I have not affixed My signature as representing My name. I cannot be required, nor compelled, to affix My signature to anything against My will, under direction or demand of another, under threat, duress, or coercion. I do not claim to have a name, but I choose to use a name. My name is My way of having others refer to My person. Any government issued, or commercial document, bearing a name MARK MCCOY, does not reflect My name, since the name MARK MCCOY was affixed to such documents by the issuing entity and are therefore not Mine, but instead the property of the issuing entity. Any documents previously promulgated by government or commercial entities was done so under fraud, deceit, or coercion and are not binding upon Me. I will honor whatever contractual agreements I have made pursuant to My voluntarily affixing My signature to such documents, provided a substantiation for any lawful claim can withstand objections based on fraud, duress, or coercion.

(Whenever government asks for a “name”, issues documents bearing a “name”, it is for the purpose of government identifying an administrative or commercial entity. If I possess and display those documents then I am accepting the duty or responsibility assigned to that legal fiction to which the document is issued. Along with every privilege or benefit comes a duty to pay for the exercise thereof, but I do not ask for such a benefit or to act as an administrative or commercial entity that is beholding to the government. Whatever I voluntarily affix my name to I will accept responsibility for performing to whatever agreed upon obligation. I will not accept the trappings of government subjects that bind them to adhesion contracts and duties reserved for legal entities, and not free-born, independent men. I will abide by my word, fulfill my contracts, and live up to agreements that I purposefully affix my own signature to.)

I claim as Mine, and Mine alone, ALL of the products of my industry; arising from my labor and effort in My natural capacity, and thereby do NOT accept or acknowledge ANY obligation or duty, either morally or lawfully, to remit ANY tax or fee for whatever property, compensation, wage, or value I receive in the marketplace, through private contracts, for the efforts or products resulting in the application of My physical or mental labor.

(I am the owner of my body, as well as the fruits of whatever energy I expend in exercising my industry for my own benefit. I am not obligated to remit any of my property to anyone. If a claim can be made for some, then a claim can be made for all, since there is nothing that limits the power used to take what is rightfully mine. Anything to the contrary amounts to theft and servitude.)

I am not bound by ANY holding of ANY court where I was not a willing party to a case giving rise to such holding. NO court, or body of men, can define My rights; define MY understanding of what is reasonable; define My understanding of privacy; or otherwise make any determination, define standards, or bind Me to any other opinion not of My own.

(Courts are capricious with defining that is “reasonable”, “compelling”, or other words used in limiting or diminishing our rights. Other courts are bound by the doctrine of stare decisis in applying the holding of superior courts to cases before them. However, it is not the purview of the courts to determine to what degree I am to suffer governmental intrusions into my rights. Even though a rule of law or a well settled reasoning originates in one court, the application of those rules or reasoning do not affect me unless it is applied to a matter in controversy where I am a party to that proceeding. When a court decides what a “reasonable expectation of privacy” means in one case, it has done so based upon the circumstances and facts of that case. It may presume that definition to apply to others, but only insofar as the exact circumstances and facts are involved. Therefore, I preemptively rebut and reject any definition of what applies to me until I find myself in that jurisdiction, and voluntarily submitting to the authority. I refuse to accept the presumptions extended to others by cases where have not had an opportunity to present the facts as they apply specifically to me.)

I do not aver to the theory of submitting to the “will of the majority”, “the betterment of society”, “the greater good”, or other contrived platitudes used to invoke emotion and circumvent logic in manipulating the will of the majority to compel and control the will of the individual. It is My belief that society cannot exist, absent fully autonomous, independent, and sovereign individuals who may choose to become a member of society through choice rather than being conscripted through coercion or fraud.

(Government often resorts to pleas of necessity; often citing the needs of society or the greater good, in promoting legislation that infringes upon the rights of individuals. Even though I choose to act responsibly, I do not recognize the rights of society, since society cannot possess rights, collectively. Only individuals can possess rights, and as a society, can exercise those rights being ever cognizant of other members of that society so as not to infringe upon the like-rights of the members of that society. A collective body comprised of individuals possesses no greater rights than the individual members of that body. In other words, that which is unjust cannot be made just because more people than not deem such to be just. This type of rationale is in essence a moral plea for collectivism, which is antithetical to individual liberty. I believe in treating individuals as free equals, but I cannot be bound to the will of one man against my will; even if that man summons a number of others to exert their collective influence over me.)

I hereby renounce, reject, disavow, rescind, and refute any and all prior express or implied allegiance to the United States, the United States of America, the State of Illinois, the State of Missouri (as well as any other derivations of a “State of….”, any political body, organization, association, or organized society that I have not purposefully, explicitly, and intentionally joined. I reject any and all citizenship of any and all jurisdictions found within the political boundaries under the control of, or defined as, the United States, the United States of America, and any political body, subdivision or entity thereof.

(Government thrives upon, and requires, our consent. Consent derives from allegiance. However, operating on the fact that I am not a subject or citizen to the foreign federal government, I do not extend my allegiance to that foreign government. I am also confronted with the political subdivisions of the federal government known as States. The commonwealths, states, republics, political bodies comprised of the sovereign people, still exist, but have been suspended in favor of what are essentially federal municipalities called States. What is also known as Illinois, Missouri…. etc., are now State of ….. I recognize the governments owing their origination to the organic documents creating such, but I do not submit to the corporate, federal municipal corporations presently promulgating statutes, codes, and policy for United Stated citizens. As I explained above, I do not lend my allegiance to the corporate United States, or any of the federal municipalities called “States”, which are extensions and outcroppings of federal areas (See Title 4 of the United States Code for the definition of a State). I recognize the state of Missouri, state of Illinois, united States of America, united States….etc., but do not lend myself to legal constructs not originating from the organic laws of the People in creating their political states or of the Constitution of the united States of America.)

I reject any and all previous applications and issuances of any and all licenses or permits for actions exercised by Me of a personal, non-commercial nature. I hereby refuse to partake or engage in any scheme, program, plan, or mandate requiring My coerced participation, in violation of My free-will. Any claim, conscription, adhesion, or duty under any previous license or permit is null and void.

(Licenses are defined as permission to do that which would otherwise be illegal. Natural-born, free, sovereign people do not need permission to exercise their rights. Rights, by definition, cannot be converted to privileges requiring licensure. When one operates under authority of a license that activity is deemed to be the exclusive domain of the state, otherwise known as the people, and therefore permission is needed by the people to do what is not otherwise within the natural liberties of sovereign people. Government cannot also require or demand someone to procure a license, since a license requires the individual to identify the activity to not be within their natural liberties; to make application to the state for the exercise of what is a public privilege; and to affix their signature, thereby perfecting the construction of a duty or obligation to abide by and perform within the prescribed limits of what that privilege affords. Since I do nothing outside of my natural liberty, nor encumber the people with any burden by my actions, I require no license or permission to act in an unnatural, commercial, or enterprising nature.)

I believe, as evidenced by the actions of any and all government that exists within the boundaries known as the United States or any of the several States comprising the United States, that such government is antithetical to the concepts of life, liberty, and property for sovereign individuals. I believe such government is without lawful authority to act on behalf of anyone or anything against My person. I believe that such government has been shown to be violent, oppressive, deceitful, thieving, brutal, imperialistic, murderous, harmful, negligent, and contrary to My life, liberty and property. I believe that such government is not of My doing; and I refuse to participate or assist, in any manner whatsoever, in lending My energy, permission, power, property, or consent to such a creation. I believe that such government, as well as those who act under its authority against My life, liberty, and property, to be My enemy. I believe a state of war now, and for some time, exists between Myself and “government”. I caution and admonish such government, as well as actors operating under the presumed authority of such, to cease, desist, and forego any and all involvement with Myself, absent an explicit arrangement, agreement, contract, duty, or relationship made with My fully-informed consent. I make this attempt at peaceful overture, as a reasonable, conscientious, peaceful, rational, and sentient being. Any refusal to accept, or act under, this peaceful overture will be deemed an act of war, aggression, tyranny, and violence towards Myself. I will defend, with like-force, to whatever end, and with whatever means, My life, liberty, property, should I choose.

(This statement constitutes my commitment to civil disobedience. Government that is not acting to protect life, liberty, and property of free, independent, sovereign individuals is not a legitimate government. The actions of government, as it exists today, violates life, liberty, and property. If government exists through the consent of the governed, then the governed can be considered to be willing participants to atrocities against liberty. I refuse to participate in either my own destruction, or the destruction of liberty, by lending my energy in whatever form to an unresponsive and out of control government. If I am to be compelled, against my will, to participate in that which conflicts with my conscience then I have no recourse but to resist to my fullest capacity. If a just and responsive government is going to claim a right to compel my participation in what I believe to be tyranny, then that government loses its legitimacy and thereby is reduced to despotism, which demands the resistance of all freedom-loving individuals.)

I believe that I have made every reasonable attempt humanly possible to make known My thoughts, beliefs, and actions; assert My position and identify Myself to all as a reasonable, rational, conscientious, responsible, peaceful, and understanding Man. I have petitioned the government. I have sought the counsel of those who are deemed to be “learned” and with authority. I have studied and educated Myself in the ways of morality, philosophy, law, and society. I have availed Myself to the established system in good-faith, adhering to established rules, and sought justice. I have been met with only threats, lies, violence, deceit, silence and injury. I can do no more, absent a peaceful Declaration, before being forced to resort to armed revolt.

(After reviewing all that I have been taught, learned, known, and believe, I have sought peaceful redress in reconciling the disparate and conflicting information that assaults my reason. With every fiber of my being and every spark of my reason, in adhering to what I desire to be a peaceful existence, I have but one last peaceful recourse in realigning the relationship that may exist between myself and a government I choose to lend my allegiance and consent to in protecting my life, liberty, and property. Since I see no such government for me to seek refuge against potential ne’er-do-wells, I will resort to my natural state and assume responsibility for my protection and my actions towards others. As with any free individual, when all else fails, in defense of liberty, armed revolt is a just means of self-preservation.)

Be it know that I, Mark McCoy, desire peace, respect life, and am willing to defend AT ALL COSTS that which is Mine. I am first a child of My Creator, second an earthly sentient being, third a man, fourth a member of My chosen society, and last a member of a political body. I will avail Myself to protect and defend all just, righteous, and moral individuals who seek My aid in preserving their like life, liberty, and property. I abhor ignorance, intolerance, violence, tyranny, oppression, apathy, aggression, and evil in whatever form, or acted upon in whatever name or authority. My time on this earth is temporary and subject to the terms set forth by My Creator. I have but one duty, and that is to live in accordance with the conscience I am blessed with. As a result of such exercise, mankind and society will incur no burden on My behalf, suffer no injury, and be none diminished. All of My actions are voluntarily, purposeful, and wholly My responsibility. I claim no responsibility for the feelings, thoughts, or acts of others who make themselves subject to whatever external influence may be perceived by My autonomous actions. I believe I have a duty, as a condition of the bountiful gifts which My Creator has bestowed upon Me, to avail Myself to others who find comfort, value, and knowledge in My gifts and who seek to share in that bounty which I enjoy. I will give charitably, generously, and graciously, as dictated by My will and capacity alone, and in whatever manner I deem fit for My benefit.

(Here I make my intentions known that I am a peaceful man, beholding to my Creator, and committed to justice and liberty. I take full responsibility for my actions and swear to act responsibly, rationally, and purposefully. I aver to being holding only to my conscience, and in doing so I will not act in manners inconsistent with the liberty or another. I will live my life on my terms, and in doing so will benefit other freedom-loving individuals.)

Therefore, to a candid world be known that I, Mark McCoy, having exhausted all reasonable means at My disposal to claim and assert My natural rights to self-determination, autonomy, sovereignty, and freedom; and as a last resort, make the aforesaid statement as My Public Declaration of Sovereignty, Expatriation, and Dissolution of all Previous National and Political Allegiance; and will with all the power possessed by Me through My Creator, swear that I will act and live according to the dictates of My conscience, in a reasonable, responsible, peaceable, and rational manner; will do intentional harm to any no other or their property; and be accountable only to My Creator for My earthly transgressions, submitting Myself to just atonement and compensation for any intentional acts against, or breaches of duty to, the life, liberty, or property of another.

(This statement summarizes all mentioned before, and confirms that I, in my natural state, without a need or allegiance to any superior authority, will live my life in a manner that honors my Creator, obeys my conscience, and harms no one.)

So help Me God!

Mark McCoy

December 26, 2007


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