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A post-letter commentary.

This is a follow-up to my June 12 letter in the Belleville News Democrat ( wherein I mentioned my abandonment of any type of political citizenship as well as support or allegiance to same, referencing my Declaration of Sovereignty, Expatriation, and Dissolution of all Previous National and Political Allegiance ( As predicted, the unthinking automatons responded in “Love it or leave it” fashion. I have no use for such calcified minds. My overture is to people who realize the political and societal rot that has consumed this land, more appropriately, the people upon it. Equally as predictable is how people seek relief. They are encouraged to vote, as if selecting a new despot will offer comfort or make the thievery and lies any more tolerable.

Just look at the arrogance with which these so-called “public servants” machinate their thievery, abuse, and terror upon you. They cry “necessity” and you genuflect before them, praying for their scraps.

It is time somebody stood up against the delusion, deceit, and destruction that is government. Tea parties, candidates, lawsuits, resolutions… these are not your remedy. Your remedy lies between your ears. I know many are afraid to resist. I am often asked, “But what can I do?” The answer lies not in your actions, but in your reason.

Look around you. We trust almost no one because “leaders” indoctrinate us with fear and distrust of our neighbor. For every tribulation, you have been taught to run to your legislator, police, councilman….. Their only recourse is to take, by force, from those who are capable and industrious while keeping the majority of the booty for their administrative inconvenience and largess. Infrastructure is crumbling, money is shrinking, and their bellies swell ever so larger while yours withers. What became of all the money they stole over the years? It funds their wars, their laws, their courts, their corporate benefactors.

I look upon these people with pity and apprehension. They are fools, delusional and dangerous because they believe they are somehow superior to other people by virtue of their position. It is by our own self-delusion that we raise such people to positions over us. We arm them with the weapons to draw our blood. We are so preoccupied with outstretched hands that we have forgotten how to make fists. Yet, violence is not the answer, for it is their objective. With every passing second a plan or response has been formulated to address your revolt. Violence is the only thing such people understand because it is the only reason they exist. Moreover, at what price your blood, or theirs, in meliorating your misery? To strike them is to strike ourselves. A thought can awaken more minds than gunfire for in the midst of war the men who adorn themselves in the trappings of the State and blood of strangers still slumber. The first blow in a long overdue war is within your mind.

You need not draw blood, nor strike a blow. They exist because you allow them to. You fan the flames of their power with your obedience. Do not respect them; loathe them. Identify a harm suffered by your neighbor and trace the misery to a politician, bureaucrat, or one of their supporters. It is time to resort to family, friends, and community. We are first people and lastly citizens of fantasy.

I suggest a change in priorities. Your energy is required in salvaging what is left of our humanity and removing the parasites from our society. I, for one, have nothing to fear nor feel shame. I am more moral, lawful, reasonable, and honest than a political fiction. I will not obey. To obey means to do harm to my fellow man and I have sworn myself to peace, tolerance, and freedom. My principles cannot exist with the anathema of government.

I do not doubt there are noble men and women who occupy these positions. I urge them to realize the personal power they must suppress when playing the actor. Walk away. Abandon your post and lay down your arms. Reacquaint yourself and do good if that is your desire. To act upon your free will is righteous. To act upon the power taken from others is villainy.

My name is Mark McCoy, and I am an Anarchist, a Voluntarist, an Agorist, but most importantly, a man with open eyes and mind in search of truth and kindredship along my journey. I urge you to join, not me, but yourselves.

Mark McCoy


How a non-resident who is not a US citizen can register to vote.

I’m going back a bit to recall this anecdote, but I find it relevant to some discussions I’ve had with people contacting me in regards to my blog posts. I moved to Collinsville, Illinois in 2004. In 2006, there was an election to be held for the office of Governor of the State of Illinois. I decided to run for that office, but also wished to be able to vote (for myself) so I had to go to City Hall and apply for a voter registration card.

The people in the City office were familiar with me for my having challenged the City on its application of the business license ordinance, so the woman at the counter appeared a little agitated at the outset. I told her I wished to register to vote. She produced a small card, approx. 3×5, with small print on one side. She proceeded to ask me my name, address… which seemed odd since she already knew my information from my prior dealings with the City. She then proceeded to administer an oath, reading from the card…

I “state your name”, swear of affirm that I am a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the State of Illinois….

I stopped her and asked, “What exactly is a citizen of the United States?”

She said, “It means American citizen.”

I said, “There is no such thing. Can you tell me the legal definition for US citizen?”

She said, “It means someone living in this country.”

“I disagree, and will not say I am something that someone else is asking me to declare unless I know exactly what they are talking about.”

“Well, you have to take the oath.”

“I’m capable of reading. Let me read it aloud to you and take my own oath.”

I took the card and where I saw the words “US citizen” I drew a line through them and drew a line off to the side and wrote “American”. Where the words “resident” appeared I did the same thing, replacing them with the word “inhabitant”. Where the phrase “State of Illinois” appeared I replaced with “Illinois”. She was not amused. I then proceeded to read the “oath” as I had amended.

She then asked me for some more information on the card.

“What is your social security number?”

“I don’t have one.”

“You have to have a social security number.”

“I disagree, and apparently I don’t have t have one because I am here and just fine, so I am doing well without it.”

“You’ll need one to vote.”

“Well, can you show me a law that required me to possess a social security number?”

“Well, it’s on the card and it’s the law. They would not ask for it if it wasn’t required.”

She then got on the phone and called the St. Clair County Board of Elections. I could only hear one side of the conversation but it went something like this…

“I have a gentleman here who refuses to give me his social for the registration card. Oh…  Oh… Ok. Thank you.”

She then said to me, “They said they’ll accept the last 4 digits of your social.”

I said, “You told me it was a law that you get a social, which is 9 digits. I countered with zero, and your counter offer to me is now 4 digits. It this were a law we would not be negotiating, you would demand all 9, therefore, my final offer to you is zero.”

She wrote “refused” on the line and said, “Fine, I’ll send this in, but you won’t get a card.”

So, she took the card with the oath scratched up and no social. About 4 weeks later, guess what came in the mail? Yes, a voter registration card.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. BS! McCoy is making this up. Well, I went to the Board of Elections to get a copy of that card in preparation for such prudent skepticism. However, after looking for some time the clerk at that office told me, “That’s odd, we can’t seem to find it.”

I asked, “You do keep a copy of these for legal purposes, don’t you?”

“Yes, but we can’t seem to find yours.

Well, there you have it. Of course, I have renounced all my dealings and obligations with government since that time, but it is interesting how they must conform your mind to their will in administering their privileges and benefits. The clerks behind the desks are the first level of tyranny and ignorance. Those in power see to it there is an obstacle to asserting your rights by way of these bumbling bureaucrats. They will not, not, issue the card because there may be litigation whereby testimony would be given to a jury or the media, thereby exposing the deceit. It is better to issue the card and suppress everything else. They can always say, “Well, Mr. McCoy was issued a card and we would have not done so if he had not provided the information required.” So, proof of the card is proof of the compliance. Sorry, in this case, not so much.

Government uses private enterprise to stifle Wikileaks support

I decided to answer a call to be a mirror for Wikileaks since they were under attack by a host of pro-government zealots attempting to stifle the dissemination of material released which was critical of US Government actions abroad. The opportunity came by way of Click here to assist with the mirroring efforts. MIRROR SUPPORT. The mirror can be found at

After signing up to be a mirror, I was contacted by one of my hosting providers,  Their email alluded to my system having possibly been compromised or my site hosting some sort of virus or malware. I’m certain the admin who uploaded the files did not plant any such files, but I took reasonable measures to secure my network and remove the files per Siteground’s instructions. However, when pressed as to what the exact “violation” of their Terms of Service (TOS) or Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), they did not reply.

It appears as though the pressure was put on Siteground by their upstream provider Softlayer. I don’t know much about that company, but apparently it is “their” TOS or AUP which was violated by hosting the Wikileaks files, even though there was no specific violation mentioned.

I have been in contact with Siteground about the matter, and they too have avoided answering a direct question as to what specifically constituted the violation. I have attached the ticket between myself and Siteground to show how the issue is avoided and the only objective was to have the offending files removed. I have the entire site backed up as well as the “Insurance” file from Wikileaks which will be released if Assagne is jailed. These files have been distributed to over 100 people with access to servers on which to host the material if need-be.

I fully support Wikileaks efforts to shine the light upon the corrupt and violent US Government as evidenced by their actions abroad and at home which cost lives and oppress liberty. If the US Government is concerned about consequences arising from Assagne’s release of the Government’s own material then maybe the government should think twice about what it does. Anyone identified in the information should be responsible for their actions. Whatever happens to them as a result is just too bad, but they chose to act in whatever manner.

The list of mirrors is growing and the spread of information proliferating around the globe. In the mean-time, companies will succumb to strong-arm pressure from government to stifle opinions and speech under the guise of violating non-existent laws or policy. This is desperation and intimidation. I will update this post should the “Abuse Department” provide an actual explanation.

12/14/10 – I sent an email to the abuse and legal department at Softlayer requesting a reply to this issue. The content of that email is below this thread with Siteground.

ID: 5429947458966 Domain:
Issue Date: 2010-12-11 12:30am

Subject: Illegal activity through your website detected

Dear Mark,

SiteGround has received a complaint from its upstream provider – SoftLayer, that some illegal activity has been performed through your website.

The infringing material is located at:

You can find the complaint we have received at the bottom of this message.

Due to the fact that this activity severely violates SiteGround’s Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy, we were forced to suspend your account in order to prevent any further issues caused by the illegal activity.

We are very much aware of the inconvenience this issue may cause you, so we would like to take a moment and explain the reasons for our actions: as you know, your account is hosted on a shared hosting server and thus sharing the resources of the server with other customers’ accounts. When some illegal activity performed through a shared hosting account is detected, we must take immediate actions to stop that activity, otherwise we risk having the whole server unplugged. And we cannot allow the entire hosting server with hundreds of accounts on it to be unplugged because of one single account.

This is why the above explained precaution was absolutely necessary.

We believe the illegal activity through your account is a result of vulnerable software on your local computer. For relevant information about similar problems please read this article

In order to continue using your account with us you have to:

– Update your antivirus software and perform a complete scan on your computer. For extra security we can disable your ftp access if you don’t use it.

Upon completion of the above you will have to contact us to re-activate your account. Then you will have to:

– Change your cPanel password which is also your main FTP password. This can be done from your Customer’s area, My accounts

– Delete all files / folders mentioned as infringing above. This can be done through your cPanel, File Manager. We can also do it for you.

Once we confirm all steps are followed properly, we can consider this case resolved.

If you fail to complete any of the above steps your account will remain suspended and deleted after 30 calendar days.

Please make sure you keep your local PC always safe with an updated antivirus software. Otherwise, if this issue happens again we will have no option but to terminate your contract and delete your content. For more information please check our Terms of Use.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



SoftLayer Security has identified the following TOS/AUP VIOLATION in reference to an IP hosted on your server. A description of the violation is listed below or attached to this ticket for your review. Please disable or remove this activity immediately as it is direct abuse of the network services and a violation of your TOS and AUP. Failure to resolve this issue in an expeditious manner could lead to service interruption for this server. Please update this ticket with resolution to this issue. We thank you in advance for your quick action and cooperation.

We require a resolution to this matter within 4 hours.



Replies: 2010-12-12 07:35am


I’m still unsure what caused this issue. My local machine(s) have been scanned with Norton 360, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira Antivirus, and Malware Bites. The systems show clean across the board.

Is it possible my account was compromised?

I tried to change the password on the cpanel and delete the offending files, but I can’t access that section. All links are grayed out.

Please disable FTP access to the site for now and either provide the necessary access so I can change passwords and delete files, or you can delete the files for me.

Do you have logs of access to the system? I have not logged in for some time and maybe the logs can identify the IP address of whoever put that file on the server.

For the record, the IP address of my local network is most likely NOT the culprit.

I want to get this resolved ASAP and any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Mark McCoy


2010-12-12 08:11am

Hello Mark,

Thank you for your cooperation on the matter.

It seems that your account was hacked via the FTP service and infringing materials were uploaded on it.

Here is what we have found in our FTP logs:

Dec 8 23:13:11 serv01 pure-ftpd: ( [NOTICE] /home/markmcco/public_html//public_html/cable/2009/12/09STATE132349.html uploaded (37748 bytes, 38.10KB/sec)
Dec 8 23:13:12 serv01 pure-ftpd: ( [NOTICE] /home/markmcco/public_html//public_html/cable/2009/12/09TALLINN373.html uploaded (37955 bytes, 39.63KB/sec)
Dec 8 23:13:14 serv01 pure-ftpd: ( [NOTICE] /home/markmcco/public_html//public_html/cable/2009/12/09TELAVIV2757.html uploaded (61160 bytes, 45.76KB/sec)
Dec 8 23:13:16 serv01 pure-ftpd: ( [NOTICE] /home/markmcco/public_html//public_html/cable/2009/12/09TELAVIV2777.html uploaded (49376 bytes, 45.93KB/sec)
Dec 8 23:13:18 serv01 pure-ftpd: ( [NOTICE] /home/markmcco/public_html//public_html/cable/2009/12/09TRIPOLI1025.html uploaded (38152 bytes, 38.70KB/sec)
Dec 8 23:13:19 serv01 pure-ftpd: ( [NOTICE] /home/markmcco/public_html//public_html/cable/2009/12/09TRIPOLI943.html uploaded (39019 bytes, 40.85KB/sec)
Dec 8 23:13:21 serv01 pure-ftpd: ( [NOTICE] /home/markmcco/public_html//public_html/cable/2009/12/09TRIPOLI950.html uploaded (42321 bytes, 44.98KB/sec)
Dec 8 23:13:23 serv01 pure-ftpd: ( [NOTICE] /home/markmcco/public_html//public_html/cable/2009/12/09UNVIEVIENNA540.html uploaded (57586 bytes, 48.53KB/sec)
Dec 8 23:13:25 serv01 pure-ftpd: ( [NOTICE] /home/markmcco/public_html//public_html/cable/2009/12/09UNVIEVIENNA553.html uploaded (52759 bytes, 48.55KB/sec)
Dec 8 23:13:26 serv01 pure-ftpd: ( [NOTICE] /home/markmcco/public_html//public_html/cable/2009/12/09USNATO588.html uploaded (37588 bytes, 39.86KB/sec)
Dec 8 23:13:28 serv01 pure-ftpd: ( [NOTICE] /home/markmcco/public_html//public_html/cable/2009/12/09WARSAW1228.html uploaded (38057 bytes, 39.14KB/sec)
Dec 8 23:13:43 serv01 pure-ftpd: ( [INFO] Logout.

Please remove all of the files in the folder:

Also you will have to:

* Inspect and remove all malicious files and code from your account;
* Perform a full antivirus scan of your PC and of the files currently uploaded on your account and provide us with the results;
* Upgrade all of your applications, plugins, modules, etc. to the latest stable versions;
* Remove any modules, applications, plugins, etc. which you are not using;
* Change all of your administrative passwords(FTP/cPanel, application’s,etc.);

I have allowed full access from your IP address only so now you can work on your site without any issues.

When all above steps are completed, please reply to this ticket so we can proceed with the case. Thank you!

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards,

Technical Support Team


2010-12-12 09:00am

Please assist:

The complaining party, Softlayer Security, does not quote any TOS or AUP violation in the below complaint. Can you tell me exactly what it is that caused the violation? I was under the impression there may have been a virus or malware or other exploit on the site, but all I see are html files and javascript. Before I delete the “evidence”, can you tell me what the exact violation is?


Mark McCoy

The complaint which was received was:


SoftLayer Security has identified the following TOS/AUP VIOLATION in reference to an IP hosted on your server. A description of the violation is listed below or attached to this ticket for your review. Please disable or remove this activity immediately as it is direct abuse of the network services and a violation of your TOS and AUP. Failure to resolve this issue in an expeditious manner could lead to service interruption for this server. Please update this ticket with resolution to this issue. We thank you in advance for your quick action and cooperation.

We require a resolution to this matter within 4 hours.



2010-12-12 09:21am


Thank you for the update.

Infringing materials were uploaded on your account. This is called phishing, you can learn more about this here:

It seems that your website was hacked and such materials were uploaded in the folder:

Now you have to:

* Remove the materials;
* Clear and secure your account and computer;

Please use the instructions in the initial post and the guidelines in my last reply.

When you are ready, please reply to this ticket so we could proceed with the case.

Thank you!

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards,

Technical Support Team


2010-12-12 10:15am


I have scanned my systems again. All are clear and have been clear.
I have removed ALL files from public_html.
I have changed ALL of my passwords.


If this was done by one of my admins, as I suspect, and my account was NOT hacked, is this in retaliation to the information related to Wikileaks? If so, how does that information constitute a violation of TOS of AUP, specifically?

If I am to fire or discharge one of my admins I am going to need documentation of a violation because I can almost guarantee he will come back to me with a demand for proof before I terminate an employment contract. I could face potential legal trouble for unjust termination of an employment agreement if he was the one who uploaded the material, as I expect.

Our systems were not compromised and the account was not hacked. Therefore, if this is a reaction to information related to Wikileaks, please tell me where the violation can be found in the TOS or AUP so I can take appropriate action with this admin.

Please restore all account privileges in the mean-time as I have complied with all requests related to this ticket and this admin’s account is no longer active due to the password change.

Thank you.

Mark McCoy


2010-12-12 10:27am

Hello Mark,

Thank you for the update.

Due to the nature of the problem I will forward this ticket to our Abuse Department.

They will check the case and further assist you as soon as possible. Please wait for their reply.

Thank you for your patience in advance!

Best Regards,

Technical Support Team


2010-12-13 07:09am


Please excuse me for the delayed reply.

It seems you have removed the materials in question so I have reactivated your account. Please note that since this came from our data center we have been forced to comply within 4 hours otherwise we risked to have the entire server unplugged, then not only your account but all the accounts hosted on the server would be affected. As you can see from the logs provided above this has been uploaded intentionally via ftp, you should know who has login credentials for your account in your company.

More about our upstream provider’s TOS you can find on the link below:

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,

Abuse Department


2010-12-13 09:08am

Since my original question was not answered as to what specifically constituted the “violation” and alleged that my system was somehow compromised, let me force the issue this way. If I were to put the files back on the server, with no virus, security compromise, or otherwise, would I be in violation of any TOS or AUP, and if so, what specifically?

I do not believe my original question was adequately addressed. I was led to believe that one of my admins did something improper and now I have to take action. If there was NO violation, then there should be no problem putting the files back. Correct?

So, in order to get some kind of answer, let’s say I put the files back on the server. Is there a violation? Will you again, suspend the account? Where in the TOS or AUP can I investigate this issue to determine what will constitute a breach of the TOS or AUP?

If there is NO articulable violation pursuant to those policies, then the presumption is that I may have the files on the server, correct? If you cannot provide me guidance on this then you likewise cannot justify another suspension, correct?

So, can I put the files back on the server and if not, why not?


Mark McCoy


2010-12-13 12:04pm

Hello Mark,

I will escalate this ticket to the attention of our Abuse Department. Please allow them up to one business day to review the case and reply to you.

Thank you again for your patience.

Best Regards,

Senior Support Team


2010-12-14 02:29am


We received the following from our data center and this has been already provided to you:

SoftLayer Security has identified the following TOS/AUP VIOLATION in reference to an IP hosted on your server. A description of the violation is listed below or attached to this ticket for your review. Please disable or remove this activity immediately as it is direct abuse of the network services and a violation of your TOS and AUP. Failure to resolve this issue in an expeditious manner could lead to service interruption for this server. Please update this ticket with resolution to this issue. We thank you in advance for your quick action and cooperation.

We require a resolution to this matter within 4 hours.

We had no further explanation but we know for sure that we had to comply, I cannot provide you with more details and yes you can put your files back [Emphasis Mine] but if we receive second similar complaint your account will be permanently suspended.

I consider this case as closed now.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Best Regards,

Abuse Department


Email to Softlayer:

I have received notice from my provider, Siteground, that I was in violation of their TOS/AUP. When pressed, they admitted that it was your TOS/AUP which had been violated. I have been attempting to determine the exact cause of the violation, but they are unable to answer my request. Therefore, I am asking Softlayer what caused the alleged violation of your TOS/AUP?

Siteground has indicated that the files may be placed back on the site, but any further complaints will result in a permanent suspension of my hosting services. This would indicate an unwritten and capricious policy subject to the whim of anyone who may take exception to certain material. This began as an accusation that my system was compromised or otherwise infected with malware or virus’. Since that is not the case, and most likely a ruse to gain my compliance, I am directing my inquiry to you, since it is Softlayer that is making these allegations towards Siteground in attempts to suspend my account or force removal of what I now believe is material that is not illegal, but personally objectionable to someone with your company.

Given that the files were not placed on the server by me, but by an admin who felt it proper to offer such content, I will stand by his actions unless a specific violation can be found in your current TOS/AUP. Siteground resorted to hyperbole and alarmist presentation of the suspension which turned up no violation found in either their TOS/AUP or yours.

The thread of the support ticket is included for your review. Siteground has indicated that they will permanently suspend my account if they receive another complaint, although they cannot say the material cannot be posted. I would like a response based on in-place, established policies pursuant to your TOS/AUP regarding the publishing of the referenced material. If need-be, I will upload the previously offending material, after having been scanned for malicious code, and press my rights through civil litigation for breach of contract. This email is being sent in good-faith so as to identify and resolve any possible violations before pursuing such remedy. Silence is acquiescence. Should I not receive a reply within 24 hours, I will assume no violation of any TOS/AUP related to the original content hosted at Siteground, and therefore, an approval by Siteground and Softlayer to publish said material.

Thank you for your time and prompt response. The thread between myself and Siteground follows:



After having given more than enough time for Siteground and Softlayer to respond to my previous email I have decided to re-publish the site. I have reviewed the pertinent TOS and AUP and find NOTHING that would constitute a breach by way of this information being hosted on my account. I don’t know if Siteground or Softlayer wants a lawsuit for breach of contract, but if they suspend my account without cause it will cost them more to defend the suit than what the hosting account is worth. I was sure to back up all of my files before Siteground attempts to suspend my account again, but I have the email from them which specifically states it is not prohibited to put the files back on the server. I guess we will see………….