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My Expatriation from the United States – An Epilogue

I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect back on my Declaration of Sovereignty, Expatriation, and Dissolution of all Previous National and Political Allegiance, which I signed in December of 2007. With that Declaration, I renounced any real or implied allegiance to the government of the United States, as well as any consent to be provided any protection under its laws or obligation to obey them. I have heard nothing from anyone representing the US Government in refuting or acknowledging my Declaration, notwithstanding numerous visits from various government domains to my website, and more specifically, to my Declaration.

I have to admit, I wrote my Declaration at a time when I was having serious reservations about what I had been witnessing over some time; an ever-encroaching police state, fewer freedoms, more violence, apathetic populace, fear…. I could have retreated to my television or You Tube to disengage from the uneasiness, but instead, I chose to embrace it. Why did I feel like this? What is the reason? Was the answer “government”? No. The answer was me. For all of the things that caused me to feel uneasy, I could trace a source of conflict back to me. It was I who did not speak out. It was I who thought my obligation ended with voting someone else to correct the world’s ills. It was I who turned my head when law enforcement stepped out of bounds. It was I who had allowed myself to become de-natured in exchange for accepting a system that flourishes on fear and ignorance. I was just a man, and any tacit or explicit allegiance to a political system which brought much of the pain and suffering upon people everywhere was a voluntary approval of that system.

With that said, some have asked why pick on the ‚ United States? There are more oppressive political systems in the world; why not speak out against them? Well, because it is the United States that confronts me directly and provides the means for its petty tyrants to interject themselves into my life. I would say the same about any political society. I am an Anarchist. I do not believe in borders, governments, force. What makes the United States the object of my disdain is that it was allegedly founded on individual liberty, and in revolt to monarchy. It was founded in blood, and is maintained in blood. The patriotic platitudes still spew from the lips of politicians to perpetuate the anachronistic notions of individual liberty, but the actions of this government say otherwise. In the final discourse, it resorts to fear in garnering our consent. I do not support the Unites States, and having previously deemed to be one of its subjects, my Declaration is the catharsis for correcting that assumption. I likewise do not support other governments, but none have asked for my support, so to speak to each specifically is not required. My Declaration is my separation from all that is the United States government. From that point on, I will choose to associate myself with whatever political society I may so choose, but do so voluntarily and with fully-informed consent, reserving my right to withdraw that consent at any time.

Some have commented that since I did not follow statutory protocols in renouncing my citizenship that my renunciation therefore was not proper and I am considered to still be a citizen. What the US Government or any of its agents believe or perceive is of no consequence to me. They still deem to treat me as though I was a US citizen and for the purposes of confiscating my wealth. However, how I am treated by the US Government is no evidence as to what I say I am. It is I who determines my political status because I have to make the admission or seek a benefit or the protection of that government to fall within its jurisdiction. My presence in America is situational, where the jurisdiction of the US Government is political, and not territorial. For it to claim dominion over a plot of soil, absent a political precursor, is null and void. My political bonds have been disavowed and are no longer binding upon me with respect to them.

The reason for the lack of response from the US Government is two-fold. For them to challenge or refute my Declaration they would have to admit having read or being in receipt of it. They would have to either accept or deny its application, and more importantly, the right of people to associate or dis-associate themselves to or from political affiliations. If they accept it, then I am free from all political encumbrances, and likewise, anyone else who asserts their sovereignty; if not, then we have no choice but to succumb to the occupying forces and must therefore submit without recourse.

The United States Government, and their assorted municipal enclaves called “States”, have usurped and stolen from me over the years. I have been successful in keeping all of my earnings in some cases, and in others, been punitively withheld by so-called “employers”. I do not receive federal benefits because, in my opinion, I am not eligible due to not being a US citizen. However, I am not certain that I am willing to allow them to totally abscond with all that is rightfully mine without firing back. I have been placed at a disadvantage, having had the fruits of my labor stolen over the years. I only have a couple of options, as I see it. I can engage the government as though I were a citizen, taking benefits and filing their forms, or I can resort to more subtle and devious measures to recoup what is mine. It may come down to my having to lie, cheat, borrow, or steal to regain my property. As far as I’m concerned, there is no shame in lying or stealing from an entity which engages in lying and stealing to further its own ends. The only downside is if you are caught, and knowing how this government plays, it is wise to plan all moves accordingly.

I do not plan on staying in the US. I’ve been looking at other options abroad for some time. I won’t say where, but I’m sure they think they have it figured out since many of my trips involve Mexico, but traveling through Latin America and even out of the country is relatively easy once you are off US shores. I feel being a US citizen is in-fact more of a liability then a benefit since many countries look unkindly upon Americans and will lash out violently in response to the carnage and inhumanity left in the wake of US presence in many countries. It is not wise to travel with the blood of innocent people on your US Passport and wear the badge of imperialistic citizenship.

I am often asked, “Does the US recognize your expatriation?” I can’t say, but if so, they have erred greatly in allowing me to remain in the alleged “US”, working and living as usual. If they react in either way they are publicly on-notice and any inconsistency in their actions will be proof of their hypocrisy and arrogance. If I am not, then they are misapplying their laws to me and allowing me to remain in the “country”. If I am, then my Declaration means nothing and we have no option but to succumb to their occupation. I say I am not, and therefore will have to resort to “other means” to reclaim my property.

I harbor no love or allegiance for the US. As a country, it is a patent failure in self-determination, democracy, individual freedom, and liberty. It was never my government, as I have no need for it. There are plenty of good people, but that can be said for any spot on the globe. There is nothing special about people just because of where they may be found upon the soil. However, more-and-more “Americans” are resigned to simply obey the edicts of a corrupt, violent, and deceitful government than challenge any legitimacy on the grounds it violates natural rights or individual liberty. The people, in large part, have succumbed to materialism, immediate gratification, greed, ignorance, and fear. There is little foundation upon which to build a cohesive society which recognizes fundamental individual rights and adheres to principles of tolerance, peace, and autonomy. I welcome all peaceful people and admonish those who rally in support of the Leviathan.

What has changed, following my Declaration? In some respects, not much. There is greater peace of mind and comfort in being able to step back and see the US for what it is, and having the resolve and purpose to disassociate myself from it. I am now operating under the law of necessity, and will do all that is “necessary and proper” for me, by “any means necessary”. Let the bureaucrats and keepers of the plantation mull those words over for awhile. They love to engage in double-speak and abstractions. I will remain true to my commitment to peace and tolerance, but as for government, that abstract legal fiction of coercive control, peace rests with its demise.

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