Cover Letter for Declaration of Sovereignty

Cover letter to Declaration sent to City of Collinsville, Illinois, Illinois Secretary of State, Missouri Secretary of State, and United States State Department via Certified U.S. Mail on Jan. 2, 2008, Registration Numbers: 70070220000112930039, 70070220000112930053, 70070220000112930046 and 70070220000112930022, respectively.

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January 1, 2008

Know all men by these presents that I, Mark McCoy, extend greetings to all representatives, agents, and officers of the United States, and freely and voluntarily send the following message:

I am sending this letter and enclosed Declaration as a courtesy and for your information. You are receiving this because you are either a duly elected public servant, or are occupying a position created by an act of law or expediency. Please feel free to pass this letter and the enclosed Declaration along to whomever you may think would be interested in its contents. I would encourage all who read it to study it thoroughly. It comes from many years of study, research, and anguish. I have not made this decision lightly. I am fully aware of the implications, ramifications, and possible consequences. It flows from the pen of a peaceful, freedom-loving, independent man who can see the recurring pattern that has plagued mankind since man first ruled over other men. I have come to believe that I must either acquiesce to the role of a subject, or take the path others have bravely travelled, often at enormous costs to themselves. I have chosen the more difficult path of identifying and challenging that which is contrary to my liberty and conscience.

The enclosed Declaration is not a legal document. The statements made in the Declaration are not a matter of law or legality. The statements made in the Declaration exist outside law promulgated by government. My Declaration avers and attests to the Natural Law that binds all People and is the antecedent basis and justification for any other moral law. Just as ignorance of the law is no excuse, by this Declaration, ignorance of My Sovereignty, My rights, and My liberty, is no excuse.

If we are to believe in the words of those who have come before us, espousing and proclaiming the ideas of liberty, then all men have by way of their birth, possess complete and perfect title to their person, liberty, and property. Such men, seeking to form a government for their mutual benefit and binding only those who consent to its jurisdiction, cannot by right or morality bind other men to their will without the like-consent of those who they seek to bind. The Declaration of Independence makes the proclamation that, “…deriving their just power from the consent of the governed. And should any government become destructive to these ends it shall be the right of the People to alter or abolish it…” That Declaration did not ask government to accept, acknowledge, or approve of that statement because it does not need acceptance, acknowledgement, or approval. It is simply a Declaration founded in truth, morality, and nature.

I have chosen to adopt the spirit of the Declaration of Independence in my Public Declaration of Sovereignty, Expatriation, and Dissolution of all Previous Political and National Allegiance. I believe I have taken reasonable measures to question and challenge that which has been portrayed to me as law that binds me to perform certain duties prescribed by others with whom I have not chosen to represent me or act on my behalf. I am making known my Declaration as a peaceful overture to those who have taken liberties in prescribing the limits of my liberties, defining my rights, and restricting my freedom. I have grown weary of dissemblance, fraud, deceit, threats, and silence, proliferated by supposed “servants”, elected and paid by the consenting governed, all to the detriment of those who either consent through will, or succumb through ignorance.

Please take note; I am not asking for permission; I am not seeking approval; I am not petitioning for acknowledgement, of My Declaration. It will stand as My public proclamation in clarifying or correcting who I am, in relation to what government has presumed or deemed me to be; it is my peaceful overture to all of Mankind as a reasonable, rational, and conscionable Man; and it is my firm and true belief that absent my tacit or explicit consent, I have the right and power to conscript myself to, or remove myself from, any power that acts in any manner whatsoever, in which case I consider the present federal, state, and local governments to be inconsistent with my conscience, reason, or morality. My Declaration is absolute, non-negotiable, and the supreme Law to which I morally bind myself.

Even though I subscribe to the teachings of Thoreau, King Jr., and Gandhi, I will resist peacefully, at first, by merely refusing to act in a manner prescribed by arbitrary power, but if confronted with an attempt at coercion or compulsion, through force against my person, I will resort to whatever means of self-preservation I may see fit to summon. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Resistance to Tyrants is obedience to God.” It is peaceful to refuse to act, but it is righteous to protect that which divinity has provided.

Unless a claim can be made that binds or subjects me to any presumed authority; arising from a document, contract, agreement, or oath, and which was made with my fully informed, voluntary consent, then I am subject to no governmental authority. If government requires the consent of the governed, then this Declaration contests the presumption of such consent. If I am to be subjected to arbitrary power against my will, then let the world know that this country does not represent freedom, and all living thereupon the land are not free. In either case, I will assert my independence and exercise my freedom in any manner consistent with my conscience and in opposition to any unnatural construct that would impose restrictions upon my moral exercise of liberty. If a claim is to be made, then publicly do so or let stand as truth, My Declaration.

I have made it known to the world and all mankind, my peaceful intentions, my thoughts, and my Declaration. I encourage you to visit my website at

Yours in Peace and Liberty, or Conflict and War,

Mark McCoy


2 thoughts on “Cover Letter for Declaration of Sovereignty

  1. chris says:

    how long did it take for the Declaration of Sovereignty to become active? i’m new to all this info on DOS and UCC 1-308, but am extremely interested! please contact me w/ any additional info and answers you have, it won’t go to waste. THANK YOU, CHRIS

    • Mark McCoy says:


      Thanks for writing.
      Yes, it is real. You have already been there. You just don’t remember.
      Think back to when you were 10 years old, 12 years old, 16 years old….

      When did all of the legal encumbrances of the State set themselves upon you? Was the driver’s license law passed the year you applied for a driver’s license? Was the income tax law passed the year you started working? Do you remember having a paper route, cutting grass, shoveling show…. and NOT paying tax? These things have existed for a time greater than your existence, yet, by nature, you were not burdened with any knowledge of them. You later chose to burden yourself, with the help of teachers, parents, authorities…

      I may be oversimplifying but, all of these things were created by someone else; someone you never met or agreed to submit to. How were they able to legislate for “you” when they never met you? Was there a proclamation which stated all people now and in the future are bound by the will of the legislature, wherever or whomever they may be? Are you bound to the laws of California, Iowa, Missouri, China….? If not, why not? They all claim to have “their laws”. Is it your location? Can you pick up a handful of dirt and say, “Yes, this is Illinois dirt.”? When looking at the dirt do all the laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations of the State of Illinois make themselves known to you?

      The fact is, none of this existed before you allowed it to exist. I believe things you do not, but nothing I do can impose those beliefs upon you by proclamation or act of law, no matter if everybody in my family says so. Why then does the beliefs of others become anyone elses burden because more of them demand it than just you? This is all philosophical, but that’s the way everything is.

      Now, when you ask how “real is it”, are you asking what the consequences are for living this way or the resistance met by “authorities”? You have already lived it. We have established that. You have to clear your thoughts and embrace yourself. I’m sure you know the kind of man you are, but you choose to be another kind of man. It may be expedience, fear, ignorance, comfort, duty, things we have all experienced, but deep inside you are who you are. For me, once I peeled away the veneer of what I had adopted as far as beliefs I discovered how inharmonious it was with my conscience. I had but two choices; to suppress my conscience and continue engaging in someone elses game or be true to myself. The game we often engage in was not created by us. The rules are time-tested to benefit those who created the game. Do not think for a moment the rules were written with the intentions of the rabble at heart.

      For the most part, I am left alone. The world is full of ignorant people who will do violence and injustice whether there is government or not. It is not the government, but the people who hide behind the concept for doing injustice to their fellow man. Once you accept that fact you have no fear of it, but them. It is polluted thoughts and corrupted reason that is the threat. I have taken this path because it is true, honest, peaceable, and liberating. Doing the things I do with nary an acknowledgment of the state is exhilarating. I am not lulled into a sense of invincibility where there may never be reprisals for my audacity, but to possess that audacity is the sign of a free man. To act upon it with impunity is wonderful. To stand defiant is peaceful.

      We will all meet our fate at sometime. I say, do what you will, peaceably and honestly; and there should be no regrets. To realize the folly of the State and to disobey, correct that, to DISAVOW its existence is a moral duty. We are all endowed with the ability to govern ourselves for good or evil. Why must I accept the evil of other men into my heart by arbitrarily following their rules when mine afford me greater freedom and no hazard to mankind?

      Yes, it is real. I live with no regrets despite whatever “consequences” may greet me. They are not my consequences, but the violent acts of other men who have adopted the state as their external conscience. Their actions are outside of my control, but mine are totally within it.

      Feel free to contact me back if you wish to chat more. I wish you luck. I am also happy to hear you are even contemplating and questioning this. I do not ask others to follow me, since I do not have all the answers, and the ones I do have pertain only to me, but I only hope for people to think.

      In peace,

      Mark McCoy

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