With respect to “society”, I am completely out of “control”. With respect to my “conscience”, I am the consummate “conformist”.


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My Statement to Government –

I feel it necessary to preface the following remarks; to speak unequivocally, deliberately, and purposefully. Whatever actions may result subsequent to my statements will be shouldered by those initiating such actions. You may twist my words, but you will never bend my will. I would relish the opportunity to look any would-be actor, usurper, agent, or proponent of control, governance, or regulation in the eye and say what I have taken time to write on the pages contained herein. I am not a violent man. I reserve my right to self-defense, should I choose to exercise same. Holding true to that commitment, I likewise reserve my right to act in whatever manner I see fit, peaceably, and with due regard and care for others. I will NOT obey. Whatever the edict, proclamation, command, or rule; I will refuse to act. I understand that all power resides with the individual and only by way of my ignorance and fear may you gain control of me; and in a purely philosophical sense, it is I who controls myself to step into the shackles you lay before me. I have come to understand too much to allow that to happen. I admonish, caution, warn, and without reservation command you to cease any desire to engage me. Read on and do what you will, and I will live my life with nary a synapse crossing my consciousness which is tainted with any concept of your vileness.

I do not “consent“! I am not one of the so-called “consenting governed”, and I publicly rebut any such presumption. I am not a subject to any earthly master or authority. I rescind all explicit or tacit allegiances to ANY government for the protection of My rights, life, or property, and I assume full and total responsibility for My protection of same. I will pay My own way, through voluntary taxes or fees, for any burden I place on government or society through the use of any privilege or benefit. I operate under no privilege or license; I am armed, capable, and prepared to  provide for My own defense, the defense of My loved ones, and any who may seek My aid. I am knowledgeable, informed, and aware of all the absolute, natural, unalienable, and inviolable rights bestowed by My Creator; and I will live My life under the terms of My conscience; acted upon through My reason, and for any transgression against the like rights, freedoms or property of another, be subject to the punishment of my person; save but for My own private actions, shall I be ultimately accountable to no one or no thing other than My Creator. Any action taken by any one or any thing that poses a threat, diminishment, violation or penalty to Myself or My property will be met with resistance, belligerence, resolve, and determination and, if need-be, force. I Understand and acknowledge the pervasive ignorance that permeates and pollutes many of the minds of today, and I objectionably and reluctantly submit to some level of inconvenience upon My person by the unthinking, ignorant, and fearful automatons who have sold themselves into servitude, thereby having abandoned their conscience in favor of the mandates and dictates of artificial reason. I find it more humane and expedient to not bemoan a ripple of inequity that finds it origin in a sea of tyranny. I will reach out to My fellow man, though they may move from a position of ignorance and fear. Should My peaceful offer of understanding and reason be denied in favor of the anesthetizing fog of  ignorance, I will deliver upon them a blow indistinguishable from that which is reserved for an ill disposed despot should they attempt to act upon that ignorance to My injury. I unequivocally and definitively claim My life, freedom and property as Mine, and Mine alone, not subject to the whim or needs of any society, government, or incorporeal construct of the mind of man. I will assert My life and freedom in a peaceable and civil manner; will resolve to obey no one; will submit Myself to just penalties for my transgressions; and under coercion, threat, or force will retaliate in-kind for My preservation and protection. So help Me God!

“Know all men by these presents, that I, Mark McCoy, do not wish to be regarded as a member of any incorporated society, incorporeal body, or legal construct which I have not voluntarily, explicitly, and with fully informed consent, joined.”

What I have to say I do so after much anguish and reflection. The evidence, as I see it, is irrefutable and abundant. The assembly of free and independent states that is called America has been relegated to the pages of history and replaced by a de-facto government called the “United States”, with no basis in the will of the People, but rather by the consent of the ignorant. Will and consent are not synonymous.

Will is voluntary, purposeful, and deliberate. It is a desire and command for something. Consent is voluntary, whether knowingly or ignorantly, and permissive. It is also acquiescence, capitulation, surrender or apathy. The will of the People created a government, but only to act upon the consent of the governed. I no longer offer my consent. In my opinion, modern government is an anachronistic institution that has outlived its purpose. It is widely held that the ONLY legitimate purpose of government is the protection of the rights and property of the People. Government is NOT to dispense benefits, administer programs, heal, clothe, and educate people. These duties should be left to society-at-large. This notion is often impugned by those ensconced in the collectivist camp because society, more specifically people, cannot be trusted to manage such endeavors. My response is then, if People cannot be trusted to act charitably, compassionately, philanthropically, or responsibly towards their fellow-man, then how can such incompetent People be trusted to collectively discern from the population, and vote for, a body of competent People charged with taxing, regulating, controlling, and punishing the People for their political and natural transgressions?

Government thrives on consent; be it express or tacit. It is that consent which lends legitimacy to the harm it causes. Without consent, much of what government does could be identified as tyrannical, despotic, terroristic, oppressive, and violent, if it weren’t for the People dutifully trudging off to the polls to cast their consent to the wind in hopes that a despot-in-waiting will rain less injury down upon them than the previous despot. And what recourse may provide us relief should the election cycle result in more tyranny with the only chance of relief being years away in another election? Must the People be forced to suffer for no other reason than there be no political relief from a despot? Or may the People shed their political shackles so that they may find relief in their natural state, absent the trappings of political edifices, and simply vow to obey no more?

Where does this lead me? I really cannot say. I know only of a few instances where this philosophy has been applied. Henry David Thoreau, I believe, was the first to put it into application. Later, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King took the same path. Each, of their own application of this principle, involved peaceful, non-violent, civil disobedience. It may be worthwhile to investigate the implications of that application, as it may stand in contradistinction to self-defense, even if such defense appears to be violent. However, what I engage is not necessarily civil disobedience. Civil disobedience carries the meaning of disobeying a law which one finds unjust or immoral; which means there must first be a law. For there to be a law there must be an authority, a law-giver. Man is not capable of creating law. What he does is within the limited context of the authority he has either usurped or been endowed with by others, but the rules promulgated under that condition are not law.

Law is binding upon all, and binding upon all equally. There can be no justice where a law prescribes a behavior or prohibits an act upon a class while at the same time excluding a class. It can also not take that which is against the moral or natural law and make it lawful, such as murder, taxation, eminent domain…. A right to property, peaceful actions, voluntary interaction, “inalienable rights” are absolute. They do not exist in theory waiting for a legislature or court to distinguish limitations upon the exercise of such rights in pursuit of the “greater good”. The purpose of government is not to further the “greater good”, but to protect the rights of the individual. The greater good is characterized by the least amount of government; for if society is generally peaceful, there is little need for government. Law is not to be the gate through which our thoughts and actions must pass for inspection by some arbitrary authority, but a prism through which reason, morality, equality, tolerance, and peace are revealed from the light of human interaction.

If I refuse consent to being governed by a system, or by men and women employed by such system, who have no authority over me then the alternative would be to have a system imposed upon me against my will; compelling me to act; prohibiting me from acting; and extracting from me my property, freedom, liberty and labor.

Suppose an officer of the government approaches a child of early years who has been not yet been to the concept of government. Of what consequence will there be for a child who fails to recognize a badge, uniform, statute, summons? To the child, the officer is just an adult exerting power with nothing more than the threat of force. That child doesn’t recognize the authority of that officer. Actually, the only thing that gives that officer any authority is the mind recognizing that man as something that has power. The power comes from within us. Without it, officers are just people playing a role that gives them, as they perceive it, power to force us to obey their commands. Once we realize we are not dealing with government, an artificial thing that exists only on paper and in our minds, but instead government actors, people, who are relying upon our ignorance and fear to empower them, then the game is exposed and the truth revealed. The question then becomes, who has any right to compel obedience from anybody else when there is actually no higher authority than that of our Creator and our conscience?

I now realize that we are captives. We are surrounded by the presence of a standing army of government agents, police and officers. We are living in a gilded cage. Our keepers are armed, aggressive, and determined to compel our obedience. We are led to believe that we must obey and comply with the orders of anyone in possession of a badge, gun, or wearing the trappings of a figure of authority. I do not recognize, chose to obey, nor offer my consent to such a premise or person who would deem to be so foolish as to believe that I am obligated to obey any command of another human being.

Some People who hear these words become uneasy and skeptical. It is comforting to have a force to rely upon for protection from malcontents. There is little circumspection when we hear of someone being tasered to death;detained at a roadside checkpointhave their property confiscated for ties to “drugs”failing to act in a certain way prescribed by governmentor have their children taken away for unacceptable parenting. We quietly thank our lucky stars, look ship-shape, and pray the next act of aggression befalls anybody but ourselves. Despite everything government does, it never succeeds in creating the utopian society it promises if we only “give a little more”. Then slowly through repetition, exposure, indoctrination, and complicity, we subconsciously acquiesce to despotism while we shut our eyes and repeat the words “land of the free and home of the brave” over and over, as if chanting and disengagement will somehow produce a society we long for, but are too ignorant or fearful to invest ourselves in.

It is time to face facts. We are not free. Neither as a people, a country, a world; we are not free. The chains grow ever more heavy, the walls ever more closer, and the control ever more pervasive. The unnatural and perverse feelings that permeate my being speak to a juxtaposition of the natural and unnatural. It is not natural to be duty-bound to another person. It is not natural to question your own actions for fear of transgressing on an arbitrary edict of a presumed authority. It is not natural to construct our lives so as to remain between the drawn lines of government and it’s minions in observing and inspecting our every move and action for possible violations. I say, let whatever perceived violations manifest in the most prolific way. Overwhelm the tyrants with the task of maintaining their paper-driven world by our refusal to acquiesce. Beleaguer them with resistance, disobedience and revolution.


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  1. One who points says:

    You forgot the label “narcissist” and presume that anyone would care about your rantings. After you blow up a building or gun down a corporate office, people will look back on your manifesto and wonder why you weren’t committed to a psych ward. Please, stop thinking so highly of yourself and go about your life; the mark of a true anarchist would be complete disregard for attention of others in the system. You, sir, are no anarchist, just another overbloated blogger who has no purpose for his lfie.

  2. Mark McCoy says:

    And you, sir/madam, I would dare posit a coward for hiding behind a phony email address. Nevertheless, allow me to reply.
    You have no idea of the kind of man I am. The acts you refer to are of the same violence perpetrated by government. I would never partake of such evil because, if you were of sufficient capacity to understand what I write, you would see that I depart from government for that very reason.

    What and why I blog is beyond your limited understanding, and for you to resort to labeling me a narcissist implies to me a great level of insecurity in yourself. You appear uneasy over someone being confident and resolute in their beliefs and wishing to share them with like-minded people.

    My Declaration, manifesto… whatever you wish to call it is the moral authority in my life. It is not the written word, but what is in my heart and conscience. Only artificial entities resort to the written word for identification because they are otherwise a nullity and rely upon ignorant subjects to tout the written proof of their assumed authority.

    I pity you and your blind, insecure, and fearful nature. I do not regard myself above any other. I am in love with myself, which is not narcissistic, but healthy. I also love peace and justice, something you abandon by being a supporter of a violent system.

    I should reply with profanity and acrimony, if to feed and confirm your perception of me, but I won’t. It shows how little you understand and that, sir/madam, is a true pity.

  3. Klueh says:

    Humanity is too greedy, fickle, and stupid as a majority to be able to handle true freedom. Anarchy in theory would be for a perfect race that didn’t need laws and regulations. Everyday there’s a lot of rape and murder and theft and hate and corporate greed destroying the lives of others. If left unchecked, the world would truely be a nightmare planet. Too many people are just completely fucked up. The government takes advantage of it’s little ants but it keeps them safe to a cerain degree and ocassionally provides help to those who need it(and ocassionally gets taken advantage of by those who don’t.) Unless you’re ridiculously wealthy, nothing you do or say is going to change anything. There’s a void in every humans soul that some think they can fill with power or money…these are our politicians and leaders. But the void remains no matter how powerful and wealthy they become so the joke’s on them. I could go on forever but to summarize, you have alor of good ideas but people are jusr too ignorant for them to work.

    • Mark McCoy says:


      In some respects, I am inclined to agree. However, by virtue of our imperfect human nature we have attempted to meliorate the effects of what Thomas Hobbes would call a “war of every man against every man” in a state of nature by elevating the same imperfect men to positions of power over others. I have attempted to describe this phenomena as a “controlled burn”, where if left unchecked, humanity would eventually annihilate itself where by throwing some green wood on the fire or feeding fuel slowly we are all approaching the same inevitability, but at a slower rate.

      I do not disagree that people will in many instances gravitate towards a system of comfort and convenience, even when in contradiction to their natural state of freedom. By the same token, those who have achieved a level of awareness and who can govern themselves, absent a moral transgression against another, should be allowed to abstain from that system. The problem is, when mankind does evolve, and the imperfection of the system with all its abuses and injustice are revealed, more and more will begin to step onto that path. What happens then is the despots sitting in power over the now smoldering fire will be rendered powerless. Therefore, even though many more will eventually progress towards a life of peace, tolerance, and cooperation they must instill fear in order to maintain their position.

      What you define in your post is a microcosm of what is essentially a rigged game. People are ignorant due to lack of knowledge. The knowledge they believe they possess now is tainted and inaccurate; designed to keep them unaware. Will mankind ever be perfect? No, for it is natural for all things to be in a state of perfection. There will always be deviations and mutations. That is due to man possessing free will. However, we can achieve a state of perfection within ourselves where we will refuse to act in harmful or violent ways despite what circumstances our physical self may be subject to. You are correct, greed is one of the greatest motivators for man doing violence to man. We need not remove the human characteristic of greed; we need merely lessen its rewards. To what benefit is gold and silver to a man who is starving yet is incapable of knowing how to grow or harvest food? In such an instance I would posit a farmer is more wealthy than a king. However, we now pursue material acquisition of worthless junk believing it is making life any more enjoyable or fulfilling.

      When people get back to living as opposed to just being alive maybe the tide will turn. The void in our soul is not due to a lack of virtue or morality available to fill it. It is because we refuse to pick up the shovel.

      Thanks for your post.

  4. Solitary says:

    Government has taken everything from “The People”. Nations are waking up, and global criminals mascaraing as “Authority” are tightening their grip, because they do fear.

    USA, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Palestine, Russia, Africa, South America. We are all worthy of freedom, happiness, and the liberation afforded to us by our Creator.

    While I wholeheartedly agree with your post, being non-violent, people will have to use force against this tyranny. Each individual must understand that they must act individually, armed and in unison as a massforce body, to take back first our local governments (US), only then organizing socially to assemble our fighting force against the Federal government. Nations worldwide must overthrow and disassemble Authority and Government. Truly, Government is a necessity in modern society, but it is solely The People who must participate, and it should only serve to protect our Rights and Constitutions.

    Accepting the burden of truth is never easy for any generation in conflict. Our Peoples fought, died, and sacrificed everything for his/her people. We must now do the same, we must begin to stand in defiance, and when necessary, give up our lives for a common idea, freedom from tyranny, fear, injustice, and oppression.

    Thank you for the article…. I also feel strongly about the subject.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You are a one man circle jerk.

  6. The-mark4 says:

    This is not the same person as “Mark McCoy”

  7. Bajula says:

    Well said. Sadly ‘The People’ are a bit too far gone in many cases and it is too bad there is no ‘stepping stone’ to take back your freedom. You can abide by the system, or you can reject the system completely. Anything inbetween is like miagi said “Squish like grape” which is too bad for an inbetween step would allow the govt to get used to the idea as well as the people to get used to freedom. . I lived outside the system for quite some time. I wasn’t asserting my sovereignty or anything, I didn’t like the system and refused to participate. I mostly lived through barter. I was about 16 when I began that trek. I got out of hand though and did commit a crime with a victim, turned myself in, did my time, got off parole, etc… I abide the system because I personally feel a debt beyond what the state of texas collected. One day I will feel that is enough, but that is my personal choice and I am aware of it. It would be much less offensive if they at least let everyone know what was going on, then you could choose to be a federal citizen or not. Perhaps that would be a good first ‘stepping stone’. On reaching the age of majority have someone pull a “Now Bob by signing this agreement you are becoming a full fledged federal citizen with no real rights but those the government sees fit to let you have, but you get these ‘benefits’ social programs, schooling for your kids, huge public debt that is directly on your shoulders (and on and on) If you sign this other paper you are a citizen of one of the several states and as such you fall under the constitution, BUT you need to make your own way in life, No govt to back you up, you protect your own stuff. No food stamps, better have some land you can hunt on or where you can grow food if you think you’ll be needing it. No govt can come take your stuff though on some statute that only applies if you sign that first paper (and on and on)
    Hrm, this was supposed to be a “Well said, go you!” statement, I think I went overboard, but there is my two cents anyway. Don’t worry I can personally back it, I’ve got a little silver tucked away. 🙂

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