Independence Day, July 4, 2013: Ode to a Travesty

Some 237 years ago, a people declared independence from their government, or more appropriately, a monarchy. They declared to be free, not bound to any statute or existing law. Not required to be licensed or regulated. They tossed a gauntlet and taunted a king.

There was no Constitution, no flag, no nation, and no government. There were only colonies of self-determinant people willing to challenge the most powerful country on earth in dissolving their allegiance and obedience.

What do we have today? We have people waving a flag of the government celebrating a state of no governance. We have people procuring permits, possessing licenses, staying within the lines, and scrutinized by uniformed gatekeepers presenting threat of arms for any transgression. What a juxtaposition of circumstances from people fleeing oppression to wallowing in it.

Civil prudence urges me to preface my comments with, “I’m sorry but…”, but I am not sorry for expressing my honest opinion. This should be a day of Anarchy; a dance of unencumbered petulance towards the State. This day should reflect our disdain, commensurate with the state of oppression, where we purge courts of cases, records, and punishments against otherwise peaceful people. On this day we should clog the streets, ingest, inhale, speak, trade, and arm ourselves as we see fit.

Sadly, on this day we crawl from our beds, far removed from the physical boundaries of this cage, believing we are free. Without any coercion, we conform our thinking to that of authority, deviating not one iota, even when outside the scrutinous eye of the punishers. We dutifully encumber ourselves with the trappings of obedience and step into the daylight prepared to celebrate as permitted.

Even though I was not present when those people declared themselves to be independent, I share the sentiment, and live it to the best of my ability. It sickens and saddens me that it has come to this. Despite my being immersed in this element, I sense something is amiss. I sense an imbalance in my nature. It is my duty to resist at whatever cost this self-imposed confinement. Everything we suffer is by our own hand, and I refuse to contribute to my own suffering. For whatever minor inconvenience you may perceive all of this to be, for myself, it is disquieting and intolerable. My liberty is not gauged against your acquiescence to servitude.

For me, there will be no celebration. Every person who crosses my gaze will be met with contempt, notwithstanding an outward hint of angst in sharing my distress. This is probably the loneliest of days, for there are few with whom I may commiserate, being surrounded by “patriots”. I look within, and without, assessing my place in this world. I was born, and determined to be free. I desire no government or rule by man. I am capable of acting peaceably and responsibly. Today, I am a pariah, persona non gratis, reviled, and in some cases hated.

Today, I urge you to not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or recite that piece of political profanity. I urge you to not salute the flag. I urge you to not sing patriotic hymns. I urge you to shun the colors, red, white, and blue. I urge you to imagine yourself with the chains cast off, no police, no judges, and no jails. Moving past the programmed feeling of fear, realize yourself in control of yourself and beholden to no one. Do not only avoid acknowledging this government, outright disrespect it. It is food for the soul and properly belonging to a free people.

Today, there is no celebration, only dismay and shame. Swell your bellies and fill your guts, ooh and aah at the dazzling lights and thunderous booms. Consume, obey, and conform. Do not venture outside the lines. Love your government, support its wars, wave its flag, obey its laws, but know this; blood is spilled and lives are ruined by its hand. The independence which you perfunctorily celebrate is snuffed bit-by-bit. Look forward to the day when this holiday too will be prohibited for fostering dissent and relegated only to faded memories and unauthorized history books. I will be breaking every law cognizable to my being and with the utmost disrespect for authority.

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