Ruminations on Natural Law

I was reading some posts on the Internet involving natural law and natural rights.
I think “Natural Law” is that which is outside the authority or ability of any man to alter, create, or promulgate since it is beyond human intervention. It is law that provides for people to exist on this planet in an individual capacity; to have access to all that nature provides by way of food, resources…etc. Natural law can be interpreted to say that every man is an individual with no subservience or obligation to another. It can be interpreted to say that I have a right to eat, drink, and move my body without interference from another. I have a right to have a mate and have a family without interference from another, and to defend that which is mine.
Whatever mutual agreements may be forged after that fact between societies apply only to those societies. When those societies begin claiming dominion over tracts of land and exclude other societies not recognized from entering that land they become governments. That is not to say their claims of dominion are legitimate, it merely means there is a collective body of members willing to take up arms and use violence to “protect” that territory.
When there is mention of a “public agreement” or “social contract” I become suspicious because the only way the public or society can collectively agree on anything in particular is to be threatened with punishment for transgressing whatever edict. They don’t necessarily “agree” or “contract” with the body promulgating the edict, there is again a collective threat of punishment by way of force by those claiming to be endowed with the authority to promulgate such edicts. Likewise, their claims of authority lack any basis in fact, and are merely de facto.
To live under the rules of a nation or government means to sometimes violate one’s own conscience; and often times even worse, to adopt or support policies and laws that go against human nature itself. I see no justification for one to submit to such contrivances, and I disavow borders and flags while living by my own values with one caveat; to not transgress upon the like and equal rights of others. There is nothing which compels us to submit to arbitrary authority, aside from real or perceived fear of punishment or retaliation from those deeming to act on behalf of that authority.
I do not see government as a source for making rules under which we all must live, but rather as a protector of our natural rights. Should that system, or government, fail to protect those rights and itself become a violator of rights it must be dismantled or abolished. Different societies or cultures have their own ways of dealing with the world and their circumstances. They evolve over time and should be accepting and tolerant of others who wish to join or leave that culture, but at the same time allow individuals to operate within that society under their own free-will as long as they do not violate other people’s rights.‚ There is no “one size fits all” solution through government.
It comes down to this, each individual has the right to determine for themselves how best to live their life. Ideas evolve and are either adopted by others or left to the individual, but no collective body should prohibit any individual act based solely on that body’s inability to find value with that act. If we are allowed to first be individuals then we will naturally gravitate towards others and socialize for mutual peace and happiness. Once entities are allowed to exist with special needs or preference over the natural order we find corporations and government who exist to serve their supporters and benefactors, ofter to the detriment of the people.
Mark McCoy
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