Judge Zina Cruse in Mission Impossible – Getting Elected for Circuit Judge in St. Clair County

My one-time  judge, jury, and executioner, Zina Cruse, is running for St. Clair County Circuit Judge. Nothing could be sweeter, in my opinion, because now she has exposed her soft-pink-underbelly to my wrath for her arrogant and  unlawful display in court on May 8, 2009 when she had me jailed for contempt when I refused to engage her insanity by entering a plea to a non-existent charge. You can read about that incident here.

Judge Cruse has succumbed to the allure of social media in furthering her  hopefully failed pursuit of a position on the bench that is also stained by the likes of Judge Brian Babka, Vincent Lopinot, and Robert LeChien.  She feels she is ready to be elevated from the position of Associate Circuit Judge to a full-blown Circuit Judge. I would agree, only in the sense that I find the paper trainee  hat she wears when banging the gavel completely unattractive, and a disservice to paper trainee hats. She has established herself on Facebook in both her professional capacity and her campaign. Her dedicated campaign website is here.

Now, do I hate Zina Cruse? No. I have only met her once, and the result of that encounter left me sitting in a cell for some 3 hours because I refused to answer a question that did not apply to the reason why I was in her court. I cannot, however, in good conscience sit quietly by why such a person seeks a position on the bench where she will either bully or terrorize others possessing less temerity than I, into pleading or  otherwise submitting themselves to punishment, undeserved. Judge Cruse did not take the time to engage me, investigate the facts, or otherwise pursue the truth as to why I was standing before her that day. Her arrogance and callousness is commonplace in many courtrooms where the uninformed and ignorant march dutifully before someone they probably believe cares little for the truth, but submit nonetheless in hopes of receiving lighter lashes than expected. I don’t care for the threat of lashes, I will stand my ground before bending a knee before anyone claiming to have any authority over me and no proof to support their claims.

There is an opinion published by the Illinois Supreme Court relating to a case where Zina Cruse was the presiding judge and improperly rescinded a statutory suspension of a driver’s license. A reading of the rule, which is fairly straightforward, would bar such a rescission under the circumstances presented on the record, yet Zina Cruse failed to apply a clear point of law to the case and rescinded the suspension. The State appealed and won. You can read the case here. Now, it is not uncommon for the Appellate Court to overturn lower court rulings, so I’m not saying Zina Cruse was targeted by the Appellate Court, but in my opinion, as a legal researcher, the point of law in this case is so clear and unequivocal that there should have never been a rescission in the first place. This speaks to, what I believe to be, Zina Cruse’s inattention to detail. In my case, I had an order dismissing a case, and no charge upon the record, yet Zina Cruse was adamant about me entering a plea when the court date was merely to show cause why I should not be held in contempt. I was there to show cause, that being, there was never jurisdiction proven which would then subject me to the authority of the court. Zina did not want to hear my “cause”, she only wanted me to plead to a fictional charge. As a result, she found me in contempt for me standing my ground and stating I was there only to show cause. That is where her brain disconnected and she ordered me jailed. Bad move, Ms. Cruse. Subsequently, that charge, which I was held in contempt for not entering a plea, was later found to be in error and dismissed.

Cruse is being opposed by Anne Keeley.  You can visit her website here. I have never met Ms. Keeley, but I know she has never had me jailed for disagreeing with her. That sums up the Democratic Party challengers, but there is a Republican in the mix as well. Her name is Laninya Carson, and she is a St. Clair County Associate Judge. She has been reported to have made some comments which endeared her to local Tea Party members at a forum held in Collinsville, Illinois recently. The Southern.com also did a write-up on her which you can read here. Now, am I a Tea Party’er? No. I am an Anarchist. The Tea Party clings to the notion that the Constitution is reverent and government, in some form, is necessary. I, of course, differ on both points and hold mankind to a much higher standard, but my peaceful philosophical beliefs are no threat to anyone other than government actors, and only then insofar as I do not seek refuge, protection, support, or other recognition from systems employing force to further an agenda. That said, in this imperfect world where a significant reduction in government will not happen over night, I have to say that Laninya Carson is the preferred choice for this position.

I feel a personal investment in keeping Ms. Cruse off of the bench, but would do the same for any of the other judges who have exhibited similar tendencies. I am no stranger to filing complaints with the Illinois  Judicial Inquiry Board, and even have an online form here for those who wish to do the same.

I will concede to this, if Ms. Cruse would contact me personally and apologize for her actions on May 8, 2009, I will likewise remove any negative posts on my site referencing her. I believe such an overture to be astronomical in odds, but to do so would be to exhibit more humility and respect than any other judge I’ve been involved with. Until I receive that apology, I will proceed as planned in hopes of informing others of her contempt for civility, respect, and accountability to the people who pay her salary. Being called into court does not confer guilt, and the State has a burden to meet before it can pass judgment or punishment on an accused. To treat the parade of unwitting citizens before her as rabble is of the lowest sort of character.

Doing a Google search, I found an online paper writing about Ms. Cruse’s election. The paper is The Southern.com

I am public and truthful about all my information, and will freely make available to the public anything which is challenged.

Ms. Cruse, you know where to reach me if you wish to make amends. I am not closed to forgiveness, but am resolute in holding those accountable who use violence or intimidation against others.

Zina Cruse Complaint Judicial Inquiry Board

If you are so inclined, please visit her campaign website at Zina Cruse for Circuit Judge .org



You can also visit her campaign on Facebook here


Her personal Facebook page is here



Feel free to visit her pages and drop the url for this post on the page, along with this original post



Ms. Cruse, I’ll be waiting.


Mark McCoy


Meet Ms. Cruse’s opposition, Laninya Carson. Good luck, Ms. Carson.


Photo courtesy the Madison County Record

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5 thoughts on “Judge Zina Cruse in Mission Impossible – Getting Elected for Circuit Judge in St. Clair County

  1. […] It seems Zina Cruse is running for a judgeship as St. Clair County Circuit Judge. I offer my opinion… […]

  2. […] It seems Zina Cruse is running for a judgeship as St. Clair County Circuit Judge. I offer my opinion… […]

  3. Mother says:

    She was the lawyer for a couple who had a head on collision with my son who was then 17. (The Washingtons and we were of different ethnic backgrounds.) Their truck received little if any damage. His Corolla was totalled. We were insured by USAA. Zina managed to milk every dime out of the policy for over two years for chiropractic for both the driver and his wife, and had them plead that they were no longer able to enjoy conjugal relations due to the trauma of the situation. I am a Democrat but I would not vote for her if it meant the seat went to a satanist!

    • marcmkkoy says:


      You need to have more people post about Zina to get the word out. Believe it or not, there are people who are connected with her campaign who regularly check this blog. I know where her campaign headquarters is located, where she lives, and who her supporters are. Let's say that, being an ex-private investigator, they have a bad habit of leaving themselves exposed for "information gatherers" such as myself. We'll leave it at that, but there are people in St. Clair County Government who are no fan of Ms. Cruse and who have made available certain resources of information regarding Cruse and other "officials"; some of which are outright criminal.

      I've had lawyers tell me how they talk about having to appear before her, and how her competency with the law is far from even remedial standards. I do not believe the Bar Poll regarding how she is ranked so high. I've made information available to alternate media sources just in case. I know she's seen this blog and yet, she refuses to confront me because she knows she crossed the line.

      She has some things to be concerned about, both in her judicial capacity and her private attorney practice. If they find their way to the light of day there will be some gnashing of teeth from her political camp. I just have to be careful with what gets out and when it gets out.

      Thanks for posting.

  4. new states commie constitution says:

    hahahaha she sent me a photo of her and obama arm in arm after she lost, she was fake and she was a fraud some senators mistress. NancyPelosi wants a con con, you will get the new states constitution, pure marxist puke satanic tyranny

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