Judge José Longoria sentences mom for spanking her child.

This story, out of Corpus Christi, Texas, has gotten fairly decent attention, albeit has been misrepresented in a number of ways. Some of the headlines state the judge “convicted the mother” of spanking her child, when in-fact she pleaded guilty. The judge merely passed sentence. That said, the comments made by Judge Jose Longoria speak to an unreasonable and despotic man who is very fit to wear the dress and bang the gavel of just-us. I will not attempt to raise the judiciary to some level of respect of nobility by stating that such acts are beyond its imagination since this type of conduct is exactly what the judiciary was created for. Longoria merely did what the people allowed him to do by their either electing or otherwise supporting him. It is like blaming a wolf for devouring a sheep when it was yourselves who placed the wolf in the barnyard.

As I stated in posts to the story, here is the lesson taught by the State. They will teach you that you have no interest in your children other than what they give you. They will teach your children that they will find safety and security in us; and if, upon reaching an age which they determine is reasonable, will beat, torture, or jail your children for their disobedience. Parents are hereby declared, impotent and the State omnipotent. For whatever reason, Mrs. Gonzales pleaded guilty to the charges. She should have demanded a jury trial because as the prosecutor even admitted, there is no clear law that criminalizes the spanking of one’s own child.  Every now and then the government will bring absurd charges against people they believe sufficiently ignorant or intimidated as a litmus test for their arrogance. No longer does the law have to rely upon the written word where acts and prohibitions are clearly defined, they now resort to presumption and the arbitrary edicts of judges.

Benches throughout this country are polluted with men and women of such villainy and there is but little recourse but to either not avail yourself to their unjust system or know how to defend yourself. Short of someone sufficiently outraged and indignant at the abuse which oozes from their gavel withdrawing their allegiance to this system of abuse, I can see a time where solitary individuals will resort to skulking into a judge’s residence and spiriting them from the comfort and safety of their bed to be tortured or dismembered as a statement of exasperation and saturation.

Meanwhile, men such as Jose Longoria will continue to exploit ignorance and exercise tyranny over the timid and weak. He believes parents are not within their rights to discipline their own children by spanking, but I would dare say that when that child fails to submit to the will of the State, he would have nothing to say about police either Tasering, pepper spraying, cuffing, or beating that same child should it fall from the grace of one of the State’s agents. Such men are of the lowest sort and should be dealt with accordingly.

If you wish to reach out to Judge Longoria, here is information you may use on expressing whatever your opinion, hopefully that of outrage.

José Longoria (D)
State District Judge (Nueces)

Residential Information




(361) 992-2267

Entered Office: 01-01-2001

Term Ends: 12-31-2012
District: 214
General Information
Profession: Judge
Home Town: Corpus Christi
Birthdate: 03-02-1943
Contact and Phone Numbers
901 Leopard, Room 902
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
(361) 888-0463
Fax: (361) 888-3671
Contact via Email

General Contact for Nueces
901 Leopard, Room 303
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
(361) 888-0444
Fax: (361) 888-0445
Contact via Email


The story follows:

Judge has harsh words for Mom before sentencing her for spanking her kid
Rosalina Gonzales had pleaded guilty to a felony charge of injury to a child for what prosecutors had described as a “pretty simple, straightforward spanking case.” They noted she didn’t use a belt or leave any bruises, just some red marks.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (CBS) — A judge in Corpus Christi, Texas had some harsh words for a mother charged with spanking her own child before sentencing her to probation.

“You don’t spank children today,” said Judge Jose Longoria. “In the old days, maybe we got spanked, but there was a different quarrel. You don’t spank children.”

Rosalina Gonzales had pleaded guilty to a felony charge of injury to a child for what prosecutors had described as a “pretty simple, straightforward spanking case.” They noted she didn’t use a belt or leave any bruises, just some red marks.

As part of the plea deal, Gonzales will serve five years probation, during which time she’ll have to take parenting classes, follow CPS guidelines, and make a $50 payment to the Children’s Advocacy Center.

She was arrested back in December after the child’s paternal grandmother noticed red marks on the child’s rear end. The grandmother took the girl, who was two years-old at the time, to the hospital to be checked out.

Gonzales who doesn’t have custody of the child or her other two children, is trying to get them back, but until CPS feels she is ready the kids are living with their paternal grandmother.



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