Cedar Falls, Iowa City Council Demands Keys to Resident's Property

Watch this video and tell me this does not outrage you.

A link to the actual excerpt from the May 23, 2011 meeting from the Cedar Falls website is here http://agenda.cedarfalls.com/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=103&doctype=AGENDA&itemid=4400

This link is to the subsequent meeting on June 13, 1011 where the ordinance passed http://agenda.cedarfalls.com/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=105&doctype=AGENDA&itemid=4481

I recommend watching the entire excerpt if you can find the time. I want to say thank you to Nick Taiber, who aptly presented a well-reasoned objection to this proposed ordinance and his standing firm in the face of what must have been daunting peer pressure. One council members, John Runchey, alludes to an authority higher than he or the citizens. Let me tell you something, Mr. Runchey, the people are the ultimate authority. Do not refer to some judicial misfit lurking in the wings to prop your flaccid position on some inane reading of powers posses by government through the Constitution. You are not deserving of holding any position of governance or representation because you are devoid of any concept of the flow of power.

The proposed ordinance, 2740, by the Cedar Falls, Iowa City Council imposes a duty upon commercial property to make available access to their property by way of lock boxes. This includes businesses, apartments, and some rental units. It is allegedly promulgated under the authority of the 2009 edition of the International Fire Code. Chief John Schilling of the Cedar Falls Fire Department is the lackey who supports introducing into his enforcement penumbra a code of international standards as being imposed upon the citizens of Cedar Falls. Schilling also comments on his belief that the constitutionality of such an ordinance has had to have been pondered somewhere, since he alleges this program being implemented in larger metropolitan cities like Washington, D.C. and Chicago. Mr. Schilling, who cares what the constitutionality of this measure is? The bottom line is that when the people find a law oppressive they have a right to act or resist in spite of what powers you believe come from the Constitution.

This is but one of the methods by which municipalities slowly pry themselves into the lives of the unwitting without any requirement for constitutionality. If you submit, you have no claim. The constitution, in all its impotent glory, is designed to be a tool to protect us from government. If you pave the path to your liberty for which to permit governmental intrusion, then the constitution has no place in protecting the ignorant from themselves.

The City of Collinsville has attempted a number of intrusions into private lives, beginning with businesses and landlords; again, to test the waters of compliance. I’ve written on a number of them including these:





You have to admire the arrogance of the city council and their insistence that they are keeping the citizens “safe”. It makes you wonder if they consider the people as part of the citizenry, or if it is just another name for the elite.  Particularly frustrating is the clueless councilman Kamyar Enshayan. A self-aggrandizing megalomaniac, he smugly retorts with scripted indifference at the objections of the attendees. Seeing as how these council persons live within the community, it should not be difficult for the citizens to make their voice, “abundantly clear”. I would see to it that their only concern for safety would be that of their own, and as a result, a rare appearance out in public or to council meetings where they wield their condescension.

I believe there is a concerted effort among various municipalities in testing such legislation in hopes of gaining intrusion into our lives with nary a whimper.

Mr Kamyar Enshayan is quoted as saying, “The merit of an idea does not depend on the number of people who hold that idea.” Mr. Enshayan, would you say that likewise applies to people who hold the idea that government is tasked with providing individual protection or safety? The merit of government, as well as you and your ilk, does not depend on the number of people who breathe life into your caustic personna, but rather depends on the resolve of the limited few or individuals standing firm against your intentions.

For those who wish to reach out to the council, here is their contact information.


City Council Members 



Tom HagartyTom Hagarty

1st Ward


809 Franklin Street

Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Ph: (319) 266-1321


Susan DeBuhr

Susan DeBuhr

2nd Ward


1713 Continental Access StreetCedar Falls, IA 50613

Ph: (319) 277-8974



John Runchey – This man should be tarred and feathered for his idiotic comments about keeping people safe. Where is the authority for doing this, Mr. Runchey?

John Runchey

3rd Ward


920 Columbine Drive

Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Ph: (319) 277-1053

Ph: (319) 415-9350



Kamyar Enshayan – This man is simply a blithering idiot who wants to protect everyone from everything but the city government.

Kamyar Enshayan

4th Ward


1703 Washington Street

Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Ph: (319) 266-5468

Ph: (319) 273-7575


Frank Darrah

Frank Darrah

5th Ward


1915 Greenhill Drive

Cedar Falls, IA

Ph: (319) 277-2801

Ph: (319) 290-0381


Nick Taiber – Nick is the only council member who voted against the proposed ordinance. Thank you Mr. Taiber! 

Nick Taiber

At Large


221 W. 13th Street

Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Ph: (319) 610-8370


Mayor Jon Crews 

Mayor Jon Crews

Contact the Mayor’s Office

By phone at 319-268-5119

By email at jon.crews@cedarfalls.com


David WielandDavid Wieland 

At Large


4201 Heritage Road

Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Ph: (316) 266-4300

In closing, I would urge the citizens of Cedar Falls who are forced to comply with this mandate to purchase a used box, hang it from your door, and break the key off in the lock. Who’s to say “how” it happened?  Also, if anyone from Cedar Falls sees this article, please forward to me a copy of the legal brief the City relied upon in supporting this ordinance. They always begin with commercial activities and as time goes on, people forget the limited application and through legalese and custom, they slowly implement on the unwitting and unaware.


4 thoughts on “Cedar Falls, Iowa City Council Demands Keys to Resident's Property

  1. E.I.A says:

    How odd; I posted about this just one day after you! Of course, your post out-does mine, but I am pleased to see it got your attention too. I titled “Skeleton Key to Safety – Lawful Anything”, and it does piss me off. What many do not know is that firemen and other public safety personnel have been given literature by the DHS to snoop after entering a residence, and look for,…catcher in the rye?  Rebel Flags? The absence of an Obama painting? Basically, they look for anything outside of their limited understanding and are encouraged to report it, DHS-Walmart Style (“See Something Say Something”). Despite the leaked documents that illustrate this, it really is aside the point, and no one should ever have the right to enter another’s property without a warrant or save a life – in which case they can use a battering ram.

    There is absolutely nothing stopping the abuse of power here. Now, since the FBI already has the authority to conduct surveillance on anyone they desire – without warrant, subpoena, probable cause, or anything – what would stop them from using that key and making mischief? Only ethics, which they know very little of.

    There is just no possible way this will not be abused. Since we struggled and failed to find terrorists lurking everywhere, it is now the activist, or eccentric thinker which is on the hit-list. Much more prolific, often not as well armed, and generally a much easier and prominent target for a patsy. What else can I say? At least they are exposing themselves, and looking pretty damned ugly while they do so.

    • Mark McCoy says:

      Can you post a link to your post? I have also seen the propaganda from DHS, but I can’t find it in all my documents, but you’re right. We are intimidated into “volunteering” our waiver of Constitutional protections. There is no lawful requirement to comply with such a law, but once you do, you have “consented” to them entering your property without a warrant.
      Collinsville has attempted such legislation with a Business License Ordinance
      and now a Crime Free Ordinance where landlords are supposed to register their tenants and perform background checks.
      I can imagine how many people in Cedar Falls quietly submit to that ordinance, even after all the the good speeches.
      Too bad.

      • E.I.A says:

         “can you post a link to your post?’
        If you refer to the one I wrote on the Cedar Falls subject, it is http://eccentricintelligenceagency.info/archives/1975
        But yours is quite a bit more professional and useful. I have a leaning towards weak satire, and haven’t the slightest amount professionalism to my work. Fair warning though; while I respect all non-forceful religions, you might find certain things offensive. Not intended, but quite possible.

        If you are interested in DHS (and other) documents instructing the fire-dept, and other such public-service peoples to spy on civilians, then I think I could provide a link or file, or such. The recent LulzSec AZ police hack has leaked a few such documents so far as I know. But plenty can be found elsewhere. You might have a glance at Cryptome.org for a trove of sensitive docs.

        *As frustrated as many people are with the “Authorities”, it can be interesting to see how much the subject and subjected have in common. Many of these guys aint so bad; it is mostly a matter of ignorance, selfishness, and the sad default state of the human mind under certain powerful influences. I guess I am getting poetic, and will shut up. But I will say that I am entirely overwhelmed, and just don’t know WTF to think. I wish it could all be as simple as kindness and respect and honor. But we all only know what we know………..

        As far as this new (key) power being abused, I have not the smallest doubt that it will be to a gross extent. The FBI has just been given unprecedented freedom to harass anyone, and for any reason – or lack of reason. The private prison industry is also growing, and where the hell will they put all the homeless people that are soon to lose their homes? Yeah, I believe in FEMA camps, or at least GEO-Group and Wakenhut.

        Pardon the rant.

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