Meet Brendan Kelly

My dealings with Mr. Kelly began when he was serving as the St. Clair County, Illinois, Circuit Clerk. I dealt with his office trying to file criminal complaints, under the direction of Judge Randall Kelly, against Fairview Heights Police Officers. The clerks working in his office were reluctant to accept my filings in the matter, which turned out to be the correct action. However, during my mistaken insistence Mr. Kelly met with me personally and took possession of my sworn criminal complaints. Mr. Kelly had no constitutional authority to act in such a manner. Some may say that he was being accommodating in assisting me getting my complaints filed, but as Mr. Kelly is an attorney he should have known, as his clerks did, that his office was not the proper venue for addressing such complaints. I believe Mr. Kelly misled and deceived me by taking my complaints under the pretense he had any authority to have them reviewed as sworn criminal complaints. There are a number of internet sites referencing Mr. Kelly, so do not think my issues with him are biased, but rather based on experience. Here are other sources of information about Mr. Kelly.

Now that Mr. Kelly is State’s Attorney, I would expect him to take action on the information he is in possession of, that being the dashboard video and evidence from my criminal charges, which show the Fairview Heights Police lied and fabricated evidence to support their actions in beating me. I allege the police, Joshua Alemond and Aaron Nyman, committed acts giving rise to official misconduct. Despite all my communications with Mr. Kelly he fails or refuses to address the matter, yet he claims to be the chief law enforcement officer of St. Clair County. Mr. Kelly, the law is not selective. Police are not exempt from prosecution for criminal acts, or are they? When will you quit dispensing platitudes about justice and address my complaints. I am not going away on this matter. I prefer to remain civil, but I will escalate the tone of my discontent the longer the issue goes unanswered.

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