In the beginning….. A preface to this subject

I’ve decided to take all the issues I’ve experienced with corruption and abuse in St. Clair County and do my best to make them known. I believe that most people are already aware that government is a failure, but still blindly support it out of habit, fear, or ignorance. St. Clair County is in no means the only pustule on society, but it is the closest and most intimate to me.

I’ve been writing and speaking about the abuses and failings of government for some time. Some call me an anti-government zealot. That is like calling someone an anti-Santa Claus zealot. Neither one really exists. Government is just a convenient definition for an organized criminal enterprise used to soothe the consciences of its supporters when subduing others with whom it disagrees or from whom it demands wealth for its own perpetuation. It may have began as a “good idea”, but there are many good ideas which do not demand allegiance and obedience to, what is ultimately, a violent expression of power by force. There are places in this world were there is no articulable governing body aside from society itself. Government does not rise up from nature.

As a result of my refusing to obey, I have been attacked and assaulted by men who in a fit of delusional superiority beat and arrested me for no reason. These men were acting as police officers for the city of Fairview Heights, Illinois. Their names are Joshua Alemond and Aaron Nyman. These men drew blood and facilitated the theft of my property. They assisted in torturing me and violating my natural rights. Thus began the journey I embark upon at this time to bring that event and all subsequent events to light. Assisting these men were officials who engaged in misfeasance, malfeasance, and violation of their oaths of office. These men are now Chief Judge John Baricevic and then St. Clair County Circuit Clerk Brendan Kelly. Mr. Baricevic was serving as the State’s Attorney at the time and Mr. Kelly has replaced him in that role.

Since the events on February 17, 2009 involving Alemond and Nyman, I initiated a civil suit against the City of Fairview Heights, Nyman, and Alemond claiming damages in excess of $150,000. Thanks to the arrogance and bias of Judge LeChien, who granted a stay in favor of the Defendants without support of law, the case is now set to continue sometime in May, 2011. Two other judges were complicit in circumventing justice; no such thing were government is concerned. Their names are Zina Cruse and Vincent Lopinot. Zine Cruse jailed me for contempt because I refused to agree with her during an appearance following my arrest on Feb. 17, 2009. She demanded me to enter a plea to a charge that had been dismissed over 3 years before. My reason for appearing was completely different than what she believed and clearly spelled out on the Order I presented to her. She refused to do anything other than shout me down and order me held in contempt. Vincent Lopinot did everything but cup his hands over his ears and chant when I tried to present sworn criminal complaints charging Nyman and Alemand with criminal charges. All charges against me were dismissed because they were fabricated and the police falsified reports with the help of the State’s Attorney to try and prosecute me.

The actions of John Baricevic and Brendan Kelly were more disturbing. I contacted Baricevic by phone and mail, bringing to his attention the same criminal complaints. He, the State’s Attorney, refused to consider criminal charges against police. One clerk in his office even told me the State’s Attorney, “…works for the police…”. Brendan Kelly engaged in chicanery and malfeasance in taking my criminal complaints and mis-filing them to the point of my missing relief due to the statute of limitations running out on the charges. He evaded, obfuscated, and lied. In response, I was able to find a basis in law to draft new complaints which allege felony charges against Alemond and Nyman, thereby extending the statute of limitations. It has also come to my attention that Mr. Kelly has engaged in what tacitly amounts to theft when parties file what are called “jury demands” in civil cases. There is a fee of around $450 for each jury demand. When a plaintiff files a case and demands a jury that plaintiff pays the jury demand fee. Should a defendant file an answer to that case they often-times file a jury demand and pay the fee to preserve their right to a jury trial. The issue is, once a party has paid the jury demand fee the other parties do not have to pay. I have been made aware of Mr. Kelly keeping the jury demand fees from the other parties to a case when the fee has already been paid, thereby making $450 for each superfluous fee tendered.

All of this is not without knowledge of those with the wherewithal to report such matters. I have been in communication with Beth Hornsforfer of the Belleville News Democrat via email and telephone. I would hope that such well documented abuses and corruption would be front page news. Despite all the information I provided or offered, interest waned an I am left now to my own devices to pursue my remedies.

Which leads me to this. Using my website as the repository of detailed information, and the Letters to the Editor as a notice to the public, maybe interest will move people to either take action or just wake up to the rogues who violate the “public trust”. I also have proof that the majority of traffic and misdemeanor cases are conducted illegally. However, judges get a percentage of the money extorted in fines thereby minimizing any possible desire to actually follow the law.

Yes, I am an Anarchist. For the ignorant and uninitiated, that does not mean mayhem and disorder. Only fools ascribe such meaning to the word. I am, however, not obligated to follow what some men man call “law” and tithe or otherwise obey the State. It is not a creature of my doing and in good conscience I cannot support such a malignancy. If my crime is disobedience, then come to me and do what you will. Otherwise, leave me be. I have no use for such foolishness or violence.

More to come……..


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