A post-letter commentary.

This is a follow-up to my June 12 letter in the Belleville News Democrat (http://www.bnd.com/2010/06/12/1290789/letters-612.html) wherein I mentioned my abandonment of any type of political citizenship as well as support or allegiance to same, referencing my Declaration of Sovereignty, Expatriation, and Dissolution of all Previous National and Political Allegiance (http://www.markmccoy.com/declaration.html). As predicted, the unthinking automatons responded in “Love it or leave it” fashion. I have no use for such calcified minds. My overture is to people who realize the political and societal rot that has consumed this land, more appropriately, the people upon it. Equally as predictable is how people seek relief. They are encouraged to vote, as if selecting a new despot will offer comfort or make the thievery and lies any more tolerable.

Just look at the arrogance with which these so-called “public servants” machinate their thievery, abuse, and terror upon you. They cry “necessity” and you genuflect before them, praying for their scraps.

It is time somebody stood up against the delusion, deceit, and destruction that is government. Tea parties, candidates, lawsuits, resolutions… these are not your remedy. Your remedy lies between your ears. I know many are afraid to resist. I am often asked, “But what can I do?” The answer lies not in your actions, but in your reason.

Look around you. We trust almost no one because “leaders” indoctrinate us with fear and distrust of our neighbor. For every tribulation, you have been taught to run to your legislator, police, councilman….. Their only recourse is to take, by force, from those who are capable and industrious while keeping the majority of the booty for their administrative inconvenience and largess. Infrastructure is crumbling, money is shrinking, and their bellies swell ever so larger while yours withers. What became of all the money they stole over the years? It funds their wars, their laws, their courts, their corporate benefactors.

I look upon these people with pity and apprehension. They are fools, delusional and dangerous because they believe they are somehow superior to other people by virtue of their position. It is by our own self-delusion that we raise such people to positions over us. We arm them with the weapons to draw our blood. We are so preoccupied with outstretched hands that we have forgotten how to make fists. Yet, violence is not the answer, for it is their objective. With every passing second a plan or response has been formulated to address your revolt. Violence is the only thing such people understand because it is the only reason they exist. Moreover, at what price your blood, or theirs, in meliorating your misery? To strike them is to strike ourselves. A thought can awaken more minds than gunfire for in the midst of war the men who adorn themselves in the trappings of the State and blood of strangers still slumber. The first blow in a long overdue war is within your mind.

You need not draw blood, nor strike a blow. They exist because you allow them to. You fan the flames of their power with your obedience. Do not respect them; loathe them. Identify a harm suffered by your neighbor and trace the misery to a politician, bureaucrat, or one of their supporters. It is time to resort to family, friends, and community. We are first people and lastly citizens of fantasy.

I suggest a change in priorities. Your energy is required in salvaging what is left of our humanity and removing the parasites from our society. I, for one, have nothing to fear nor feel shame. I am more moral, lawful, reasonable, and honest than a political fiction. I will not obey. To obey means to do harm to my fellow man and I have sworn myself to peace, tolerance, and freedom. My principles cannot exist with the anathema of government.

I do not doubt there are noble men and women who occupy these positions. I urge them to realize the personal power they must suppress when playing the actor. Walk away. Abandon your post and lay down your arms. Reacquaint yourself and do good if that is your desire. To act upon your free will is righteous. To act upon the power taken from others is villainy.

My name is Mark McCoy, and I am an Anarchist, a Voluntarist, an Agorist, but most importantly, a man with open eyes and mind in search of truth and kindredship along my journey. I urge you to join, not me, but yourselves.

Mark McCoy


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