Drunken blathering or inebriated tales of foreboding?

I had a chance to listen to a friend of mine inform me of information imparted to him by someone in the Fairview Heights Police Department.  This conversation took place in a drinking establishment and alcohol has a way of either loosening lips or enhancing delusions. During this alleged conversation, the “informer” told my friend that I was ready to “go down”; that there is an investigation underway by the FBI, IRS, and Homeland Security. I guess that for whatever reason I should consider myself fortunate enough to have the resources of three alphabet agencies converging on little ol’ me. Honestly, I find the allegation specious and implausible. There is an allegation that I have supposedly claimed to the Fairview Heights Police, during processing subsequent to my arrest, that I was not a US citizen, but that I still exercise benefits of US citizenship. He also said that he “would not want to be me”. That feeling is mutual because I would not want to be him. He would not know what to do with the thoughts I possess.

For the record, I am  NOT a US citizen. I claim no benefits or privileges of US citizenship. It is not my fault that deluded fools claim to possess some power over me because of the office they occupy. When I was arrested on Feb. 17, 2009 and taken into custody I may have said during questioning that I was not a US citizen. I had suffered a head injury, courtesy patrolmen Alemond and Nyman, so the exact contend of that encounter is a little hazy. Especially since I was denied medical treatment when requested. I do remember being asked for a social security number during processing and I commented that I did not have one. Of course, the police can’t fathom someone not possessing a government identity when all the other compliant drones readily submit. When I challenged the presumption of being a US citizen one of the men (they are not officers) basically asked me why I don’t leave the country? Again, arrogance and ignorance from a fool who believes that people have no right to live where they wish without having to pledge their allegiance to political foolishness.

The “informant” also said there was video evidence that I attempted to stand up and assault Alemond and Nyman during the encounter, when the video evidence presented to me shows the opposite. Unless the police tampered with the video and hired either Nicholas Cage or Robert DeNiro to stand in for me during a staged incident I seriously doubt there is any such video. I was there. I know what happened. Regardless, when men, whether disguised as police or other fictitious fantasy, choose to exact violence against another they deserve whatever force or resistance greets them since no individual has a duty to suffer at the hands of anyone. That is their burden and mistake to believe such insane notions.

I’ve already been questioned by the FBI, as well as having worked with them in the past. That relationship soured when I dared question them about the acts of murder they took in Waco. Homeland Security has already detained and questioned me before making a report that I am not a violent man. The IRS…well, they are of no consequence. I have already challenged them and we have nothing more to say to each other. The entire US Government has received my Declaration and knows of my position. If they want anything to do with me they has better bring conclusive proof I am under their jurisdiction and have refuted every statement in my Declaration. They are largely dangerous fools who operate on fear and ignorance of the masses. They are violent, deceitful, immoral, and in contradiction to my conscience.

If there is such knowledge of an investigation in possession of a lowly city cop where my demise is in the offing then the FBI, IRS, and Homeland Security need to muzzle their mutt. My crime is waking up to the lies and deceit. I have removed myself from that delusion and choose to live my life peacefully and morally. To hell with them and their government. I commit no crime aside from not conforming my thoughts to satisfy their commands. I do violence to no one. If any of these agencies want to make an example out of me they know where to find me. I’ll not lose any sleep over it.

Drunken blathering or inebriated tales of foreboding for moi? Who knows and who cares? It would be in their best interests to leave me be. Have a nice day.


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