How did you get here? Keywords of the month.

Of all the traffic I see come to this site I often wonder just “how” people found me. It is interesting to see what was entered into search engines when arriving at

I thought I would share some search engine analytics with you each month. Maybe you will see your search term in this list. How did you get here?

Keywords – Dec. 1, 2010 thru Dec. 31, 2010

mark mccoy
under the provisions of the court reform and revision act of 1979, municipal judges in missouri cities with a population of more than 7,500 must be
mark mccoy siteground
court reform and revision act of 1979
illinois administrative code violations
illinois police powers
softlayer wikileaks
illinois motor vehicle act
municipal electoral board illinois
police officers fairivew heights,il
declaration of expatriation
illinois administrative code title 35 section 218
judge zina cruse
mark mccoy cathexis
mark mccoy sprinter
softlayer sitegrounds
sojourners motorcycle club
using wrong election forms independent candidate illinois
zina cruse
auxiliary police in illinois home rule units
blood is the new black mark mccoy
case, abate v. , illinois, municipal, police function
cathexis mark mccoy
chicago police officer thomas giovenco fired
collinsville illinois ordinances
education and the rise of the corporate state
ilcs firefighter bill of rights discharge 113, 788 n.e.2d 62
illinois city or village prohibiting outdoor furnances
illinois compiled statutes improper lighting
illinois local election official cannot certify candidate if statute prohibits certification
illinois municipal police jurisdiction
illinois police power
illinois sovereigns
illinois volunteer fire fighter governing driving rules
judge c. philip nichols, jr.
judge zina illionis
municipal election board adopt rules il
personal declaration of sovereignty
sheriff departments illinois rules boards govern powers
softlayer security has identified the following scanning tos/aup violation in reference to an ip hosted on your server
stanbuck v. kusper
the right to resist an unlawful arrest in virginia
unlawful arrest defense
vincent lopinot
city of peoria”” 600 imrf standard
335 ill. app. 3d”” “”lawlor””
65 ilcs 5/7-4-8″”
betterment of society”” platitude
certification of ballot”” “”illinois””
chicago heights”” nonpartisan elections
enabling legistlation”” “”hidalgo county water improvment district””
flesh and blood”” “”complaining party””
fourth year of james the first””
mark mccoy”” “”dallas””
maximum age”” become fire department chicago
municipal officers electoral board rules””
radical digressions””
tami springer”” illinois
# ^ see generally article 2 of the illinois municipal code, 65 ilcs 5/2‑1‑1 et seq.
10-3-7 motor vehicle act illinois
20 illinois admin code 420
20th judicial circuit illinois haida
3.1-55-10 50 ilcs 105/3 65 ilcs
367j illinois municipal
6. county of cook v. john sexton contractors company, 75 ill. 2d 494, 27 ill. dec. 489, 38 n.e. 2d 553
6.19 salaries of employees in the police service
65 illinois compiled statutes annotated § 5/3.1-10(a)
7 ill. reg. 7501
735 ilcs 5/2-114
80 illinois administrative code
820 ilcs 305/8(d)(1) firefighter
83 ill. adm. code §420
92 illinois administrative code section 2-118
92 lll. adm. code 1001.100(n)
a recent change in state law now allows deputy registrars to sign up voters anywhere in illinois
aaron nyman police officer
aaron nyman st.
adjudication laws il
administrative adjudication municipal violations
age to become an auxiliary police officer in bartonville illinois
alarm detection + court case + lisle woodridge
am i allowed to speak for my wife in a traffic court?
ambulance service law fire districts in illinois
anti government-movement-guidebooklaw-handbook
apollo 11 hoax pictures
apollo 11 picture of landing gear
apollo 11 sheilding
apollo 9 hoax
are backdoor referendum still legal in illinois?
are illinois municipalities subject to rule 224
are municipal elections in il non partisan
belleville il “”brendan kelly””
board of electoral commission for city of chicago, petition for judicial review
book lunar landing hoax
brendan kelly belleville
brendan kelly belleville il
brendan kelly circuit clerk
brendan kelly illinois attorney
brendan kelly st. clair county email address
brendan kelly state’s attorney
brendan kelly states attorney
brian kodish is a loser
california + “”attorney general opinions”” + “”chief of police”” + “”part time””
can a mayor of a township in illinois appoint a treasurer who does not live within the city limits?
can an illinois home rule municipality limit the authority of a regional airport authority?
case laws people v. polk
chapter 92 illinois administrative code section 1001.440
chicago “”building code”” summons
chicago administrative hearings building violations
chicago il administrative notice of ordinance violation
chicago municipal code elections
chicago police and fire muni
chicago police officer thomas giovenco
cicero,ill noise ordinance
city of chicago board of election commissioners statute regarding candidates residency and exceptions
city ordinance for home parties chicago il
city ordinance violation collinsville, illinois
city park ridge hearing adjudication division
civil service commission fire department illinois cadet program
collinsville city council
collinsville crime free housing
collinsville crime free ordrinance
collinsville crime free program
collinsville herald collinsville il
collinsville il health inspector
collinsville il rental business license
collinsville l munipacorporation
common law right of self defence against unlawful arrest
common problems with petitions public body illinois back door referendum
common problems with statement of candidacy illinois
common-law right to resist an illegal arrest
conflict between illinois state and municipal law
conflict of interest with city alderman serving as county coroner
conservator of the peace”” as defined in the illinois municipal code, article 3.1, division 15,
contradiction to nasa’s moon landing
cook county election board removes candiadte from ballot for using wrong petition form
cook county police loudermill hearing
court reform and revision act of 1979 municipal judge
crime free housing ordinance collinsville
crime free housing ordinance lawsuits
crime rate in collinsville il
criminal record for matias vargas, illinois
cyberdriveillinois alcoholics anonymous sponsor self help recovery
dawn parker 1 bode rd streamwood il
declaration of sovereignty deed and the deed of evidence document
defense against excessive force supreme courts
detective mark thomas mccoy
did astronauts bend over to take boot print photos on the moon
differenc ebetween peace officer & law enforcement officer
difference between law enforcement officer and peace officer
difference between law officer and peace officer
difference between peace and no peace
difference between peace officer and law enforcement
difference between peace officer and police officer in illinois
discrepancy on landing to the moon
discrimination norfolk city zoning
do citizens have the right to defend themselves against unlawful arrest?
does 625 ilcs 5/12-101(a) go against an illinois drivers license
does an email offer a tete a tete?
does binding with paper clip violate illinois election law
does filing of statement of economic interests’ forms affect ballot placement in illinois
does the statement of economic interest get attatched to the statement of candidacy?
dui ordinance violations illinois
dupage “”administrative order”” 05-7
election code illinois — filing motion for expedited hearing
eminent domain case village of algonquin 1961
every city or town must have a municipal code book
factory 189 district 8 il cigar stamp
fagiano v. police board, 98 ill. 2d 277
failure to file statement of financial interest il election law
false denial subjective question perjury
fax machine collinsville il
fee for appeal of administrative adjudication ordinance illinois
fight red light camera california
figure 4.37 inclined atwood machine see exercises 84, 82, and 112.
filing code of fair campaign practices county clerk st. clair county
filing petitions at same time in illinois municipal election
first district case cited by respondent, held that the failure to specify the precise office sought on petitions for nomination per se renders nominating papers invalid even where the specific office is identified on other nominating papers.
form of petition to form park district in illinois
forming an electoral board il
forms of illinois municipal government
forms of illinois municipalities
ga jurisdiction unlawful arrest
glock talk
glock talk showthread
glocktalk mark mccoy
glocktalk rss
hagans v lavine 415 u. s. 533
harrison parker chicago
higgins v. city of galesburg
history of mark mccoy of waukegan ,illinois, who died in late november 2010
hoax moon
home rule laws relating to police demotions
home rule municipality illinois zoning 1-1/2 miles
home rule population
hon zina cruse st clair county il
how appeal evanston ordinance violation
how can i claim my sovereignty
how do i remove the siteground link
how does the declaration define liberty, sovereignty, and law?
how is municipal law police power made
how to be a perfect man by mark mccoy
i am a sovereign man/woman, i do not consent
if a defendant did not know that the statute of limitation for an alleged crime had run out, what can be done?
if a police officer commits a felony while acting in official capacity
il case law how many signatures are needed to run for mayor in st clair county il
il fire and police commission handbook
il municipal election & petition
il municipal police border
il police officer injured vacation benefits
il statute acting police chief 120 days in fiscal year
il. appeal court decision on creditable service chicago police pension
ilcs ch. 65, act 5, §§ 7-4-7 and 7-4-8.
illagel use of force and illagl arrest
illinois “”crime free”” legislation
illinois 1972 op.atty.gen. no. s-509
illinois admin procedure act
illinois administrative code chapter 2 section 1001
illinois administrative code formal hearings
illinois administrative code re hearings on sales tax
illinois administrative code title 56 chapter 1 labor and employment
illinois administrative code title 92
illinois administrative code title 92 550
illinois administrative procedure act
illinois administrative review act vs illinois administrative procedures act
illinois apa section 9
illinois backdoor referendum timing
illinois ballot issues “”cook county”” “”cory watts””
illinois bar exam systematic alien verification for entitlements
illinois can a mayor appoint himself to the zoning commission
illinois compiled statutes 65 ilcs 11-31-1
illinois compiled statutes 775 ilcs 5/1-101 et seq
illinois compiled statutes 820 ilcs 315 line of duty compensation act
illinois compiled statutes police powers act
illinois constitution right to arms analysis
illinois costs for ordinance violations
illinois department of transportation tort immunity act
illinois driving on expired jdp
illinois election code 10-4
illinois election code aldermen
illinois election objections too many signatures
illinois elections statement of candidacy errors wrong election date
illinois employment verification form restricted driving permit
illinois fire districts tax rates
illinois fire fighter employ election municipal officer alderman
illinois fire promotion act pertain to police
illinois firefighter traffic law
illinois fireman’s rule 425 ilcs 25/9f
illinois inadequate nominating petitions
illinois intergovernmental agreement police
illinois law binding political petitions
illinois law for simultaneous filing
illinois law on volunteer fire fighters vehicles
illinois laws yield fire stations
illinois legal codes ,procedures, precedents in substance abuse treatment
illinois liquor commission code procedure for violations and fines
illinois motor vehicle act of 1911
illinois municipal board of elections
illinois municipal code & elections
illinois municipal code article 10
illinois municipal code mayors power to appoint
illinois municipal code requires that to run for mayor of a town in illinois
illinois municipal code residency
illinois municipal code resident
illinois municipal code+1971 code, §2-1-1
illinois municipal code, article 3.1, division 15, paragraph 25
illinois municipal code, police powers, 11-20-10
illinois municipal corporations
illinois municipal election challenged under 10-10
illinois municipal election residency laws
illinois municipal election rules
illinois municipal election when do they circulate petitions
illinois municipal elections ballot order
illinois municipal law books
illinois municipal law firefighter conflict of interest city council
illinois municipal law for selling items
illinois municipal nominating petitions
illinois municipal officials gratuities
illinois municipal ordinance violation
illinois municipal police protection tax
illinois municipal statute write-in candidates 10 percent of vote
illinois municipal tax levy rates for home rule
illinois municipal tort liability
illinois municipal trustee police powers
illinois municipal zoning law
illinois municipalities must in order to raise fees building permit
illinois municipalities that have civil service commissions
illinois municipality noise ordinances
illinois municipality offenses
illinois municiple issue petition rules
illinois nominating petition labelled nonpartisan instead of independent
illinois non partisan circulator
illinois occupancy laws collinsville
illinois ordinance violations
illinois park district code law power to arrest commissioner
illinois peace officer injured on job
illinois petition maximum minimum municipality
illinois petition objection circulator nonpartisan more than one
illinois police power illinois
illinois pollution control board versus municipal enforcement noise
illinois powers given to cities and towns
illinois school districts exempt “”building permit””
illinois secretary of state administrative rules chapter 92
illinois sovereign
illinois state board of elections caucus information and forms
illinois state’s attorney 1940
illinois statute prohibits candidate from running two political parties in same election
illinois supreme court firefighter residency
illinois taxation of temporary total disability pay with sick leave
illinois traffic enforcement on private property
illinois traffic law squealing tires
illinois traffic laws for volunteer fireman
illinois traffic ticket ch 625 act 5/11 sec 605.1
illinois trustee ballot order
illinois vehicle code 6 205a2
illinois vehicle code 625 ilcs 5/7-602 and tax
illinois vehicle code illegal use of flashing blue lights
illinois village trustee and conservator of the peace
illinois+law enforcement+garcia act
in re marriage of cook, 117 844, 453 n.e.2d 1357, 73 ill.dec. 222 (1st dist. 1983)
inconsistencies in the lunar landing photos
independent candidate versus non partisan illinois
indiana case law regarding resisting illegal arrest
indiana case unlawful arrest 2006
is a city attorney’s statutroy ruling binding on a municipality in illinois
is a warrant hit on a vehicle registration reasonable suspicion for traffic stops?
is is up to the municipal clerk to review candidacy nomination papers in illinois
is it ilegal to register to vote for a non u.s. citesen
is neon light against the law in the state of illinois
is the government putting viruses on wikileaks
john bad elk v. u.s., 177 u.s. 529
joshua alemond
joshuah alemond
judge c philip nichols jr
judge cruse, sinclair county il
judge john prystalski
judge randall kelley
judge zina cruse rulings
judge zina cruse st claire county il
kerner “”illinois supreme court”” resignation “”19 ill.2d 506″”
kirk verbeck, illinois
knobeloch v. electoral board for the city of granite city, 788 n. e. 2d 130 (5th district 2003)
lagrange il municipal election results
land v. board of education of the city of chicago, 202 ill. 2d 414, 426 (2002).
landing on the moon discrepiences
law enforcement legal authority to illinois municipalities
law enforcement officer vs peace officer
lawlor v. municipal officer electoral board 1975
le cleyre cooperative memphis
life safety code village of worth
list the 5 forms of municipal government in illinois
local adjudication of ordinance violation illinois
lunar module shielding
managerial form of municipal government illinois
marc mccoy ct
marck mccoy
mark mccoy articulate anarchy
mark mccoy cisco
mark mccoy dallas
mark mccoy declaration
mark mccoy dunedin
mark mccoy electric
mark mccoy failures torrent
mark mccoy fully informed jury
mark mccoy gay
mark mccoy grand jury
mark mccoy il
mark mccoy nmt
mark mccoy oklahoma
mark mccoy police officer
mark mccoy qoutes
mark mccoy state farm
mark mccoy vegan
mark mccoy when i die
mark mccoy wikileaks mirror
mark mccoy, st. louis, mo
marriage “”three-way contract””
massage parlor illinois home rule prohibit
member of multiple school boards incompatibility of office il
michael kusper v. chicago electoral board
michelle kumarich lawyer
minister mark mccoy
missouri cities with a population of more than 7,500 must be
moon landing discrepancies
moon probe
motin to dismiss due process seatbelt ticket
municipal adoption of codes and records act, 50 ilcs 220/0.01 et seq.
municipal code of chicago fire and police commission illinois
municipal code sect.28-43 et. seq. chicago heights illinois
municipal election objection illinois
municipal election rules illinois
municipal fine questions chicago il
municipal ordinance double jeopardy
mutual assistance fire department in il
mylar moon calendar
nadia brahler
new campaign finance law illinois and aldermanic elections
new st clair county il district attorney
new york state statute of limitations for false testimony
nomination papers must include term illinois
non binding referendum change managerial form il
non-traffic citation illinois code enforcement
north riverside illinois noise regulations
obama speech on race analysis
opyt amaco
ordinance ticket double jeopardy
orland fire protection district v. intrastate piping and controls, inc.
other shows showinh hoax about apollo moon landing
paper clip on petition papers inillinois
parking adjudication ordinance
pat clifford, st. louis county
peace officer versus police officer
peace officer vs law
penalty for code violations springfield illinois
people 2d
people are not sovereign in the us
petition to form park district in illinois
pledge of allegiance mark mccoy
police hit and run in sugar grove il 20/10
police marked me down as us citizen on my arrest how i fix this
police power common law immunity illinois
police power municipality
police power of municiplaity illinois
powered by tickbar
powers given to cities and towns in illinois so they pass ordinances without legislation from the general assembly
procedures for incorporating a type b general law municipality
prospect heights local ordinance 3-5-2
provision of water as police power
qildro for guys
qualified to run for village trustee in illinois
quotes on intentional harm
repeal taxing body il
revison act of 1979 missouri
right to use resaonable force to defend against arrest
robert kukla illinois felon
rosemont illinois auxiliary police conservators of peace
rosemont police auxiliary
saint clair county judge zina cruse
salaries of elected officials in illinois statute
sample of letter for simultaneous filing for lottery for school board
sample petition for judicial review, election cook county
section 1030.85 + tvdl
section 3.1-20-25 illinois
septic systems in joliet illinois laws
simultaneous filing lottery form
siteground softlayer
softlayer board meeting
softlayer tos
sojourner motorcycle club gang il chapter
some photographic evidence apollo 11 hoax
south holland, illinois building condemnation code compliance
speech on race analysis
springfield il park district police give tickets on city streets
st clair county court delay charges
st clair county il corruption
st clair county illinois corruption
st clair county illinois law clerk
st clair county illinois no trust list
st. clair county illinois chief judge 2010
st. clair county, il states attorney
state of illinois “”home rule status””
state of illinois board of election rules and regulations 201.40
state of illinois driver licensing abbreviation codes with charge points
state of illinois fire, police and civil service board
state of illinois municipal party wall responsibility in repair
state of michigan illegal arrest on private property without warrant
state v haile 1970
state v. robinson, 145 me. 77, 72 atl. 260
statutes and laws governing the municipal employees annuity and benefit fund of chicago
stay with the letter of the law
stearns v. board of fire & police
steve fluhr attorney
steven fluhr illinois
substantial compliance with notary stamps on election petitions in illinois
supreme court, athority to affect an arrest
taxation of workers compensation benefits illinois public safety officer
the right to defend against unlawful arrest
these principles apply as well to an officer attempting to make an arrest, who abuses his authority and transcends the bounds thereof by the use of unnecessary force and violence, as they do to a private individual who unlawfully uses such force and violence.
time period for city of chicago to issue hearing date for administrative violation
title 92 illinois administrative code
tom courtney cook county state’s atty 1940
tom courtney>attorney>chicago
tom gunther, badge collector, schaumburg, illinois
treasurer’s bond il municipality
under the provisions of the court reform and revision act of 1979, municipal judges in missouri cities with a population of more than 7,500 must be?
unemployment adjudication process in illinois
unlawful arrest nys
us supreme court person can not resisting an unlawful arrest
used wrong nominating papers form for school board il
vacancy on municipal election board il
village of bensenville police promotions
village of bridgeview trustee pay
village of evergreen park administrative adjudication program
village of maywood il vs maywood firefighters pension
village of spillertown board of trustees
vince lopinot
violation, ordinance, regulation, actual, notice, knowledge
walsh v. board of fire & police commissioners of orland park, 96 ill. 2d 101, 106, 70 ill. dec. 241, 449 n.e.2d 115 (1983)
waukegan il parking violation code 12
wells v. board of education of community consolidated school district no. 64, cook county,
what does it mean, a hold harmless right of entry addendum before entering, definition
what form of government operates in chicago heights
what is an enabling ordinance il
what is difference between peace officer and police officer
what is the court reform and revision act of 1979?
when did the apollo 11 capsule appear at the illinois state fair
where can i find any pending il legislation on cdl requirement for vehicle weighing under 10,000 lbs?
where is mark mccoy
which limit line do you have to cross before the red light camera
which source of law precedence in the following situation and why? a municipal ordinance conflicts with the us constitution.
who covered the apollo eleven landing
who is judge zina cruse?
who is mark mccoy, st. louis
who is the head of the legislative branch in illinois and what is the title
who’s who in st clair county illinois
why wikileaks remove is on my computer
writ of certiorari drivers license
wwhich contitutional rights were withdrawn in ca with the merger of municipal and superior court?
zina cruse illinois
zina cruse judge
brendan kelly”” politics yes man
can the city of chicago issue a notice of violation and set the hearing date 7 months later
collinsville il crime free ordinance
dan opyt amaco, so. holland, il
effects of crime free ordinance on belleville il
home rule municipalities extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction illinois
il. appeal court decision on creditable service of the chicago police pension
illinois municipal code resident case law
illinois park district commissioners police powers code
mark mccoy articulate anarchy email
municipal code of chicago 6.48 fire and police commission illinois
police power of municipality illinois
when can people take out petition for municipal election in illinois
who is mark mccoy


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