Limited Time Offer to Government has Expired

Well, there have been zero responses from ANY governmental body to my offer. Upon reviewing the server logs and inspection thereof reveals a number of agencies that have visited my site, but failed to accept my offer. I have had the IRS, DOJ, State of Illinois, and other lesser bodies visit my site, but aside from gathering “evidence”, there have been no responses to my offer.

Therefore, I have to say to any governing body or actors acting under whatever presumed authority, you time is up. I have made my point. You are cowards, liars, thieves, thugs, and despots. I am not looking over my shoulder waiting for you to move against me, but I am aware of you. Be advised, do not test me. You will be responsible for any resulting actions should you interject yourselves into my life. I perceive you as violent and unreasonable. I fear for my safety when in your presence. I will take any engagement by you to be an act of aggression, and I will act accordingly. If you wish to engage me, you are hereby put on notice to make clear your non-violent, peaceful intentions.

If you think I have been intimidated by your actions to-date, or am bending a knee in homage to your usurpations, you are mistaken. Again I say, leave me out of your insane delusions. The offer has expired and you are shown to be what you are, violent, oppressive, deceitful, and worthy of abolishment.

Limited Time Offer to Government EXPIRED

I wish to make a point. I know you are watching. You are looking for a reason. I bet it will be tied to some of the draconian legislation dealing with domestic terrorism. The free expression of ideas is no longer sacrosanct. Should an individual’s words go against the grain of what government believes is in its best interests in preserving its powers then they are an enemy of the State.

I’ve been told by people who are concerned for me that I should lay low. I have “painted a target on my chest”. It is foolish to express my opinions in provocative and controversial ways. If my words cause government anxiety then that is a shortcoming of government.

I will do this. I will make this overture. To-date, every effort I have made to engage government in extracting honest answers regarding its authority has brought nothing but silence. Considering the increasingly violent actions of government through aggression, police state tactics, disregard for individual liberties, I feel it prudent to avail myself to being humbled by the almighty State should it wish to contact me personally and with proof-shown, enlighten me to the error of my ways. Take me under the wing and reason with me. Correct my misperceptions and elucidate me with the higher, moral-law which I mistake as despotism, fraud, and tyranny. Bring me back into the fold, if you can.

Please, contact me. I will meet with you, personally. I will not engage you on your territory, but will meet at a neutral location. You may email or phone me as well. Know this, I will record the conversation. I will make it public. I am no stranger to being questioned by the “feds”. I am aware of the games and pretenses. Do not insult my intelligence. I expect that if there was any evidence which gave rise to a criminal act I would already be in custody. I expect you to make my point and show the people how you assail a peaceable man.

Use my contact us form and provide when and where you wish to meet. I will be unarmed, and I would expect the same.

I will say that I do not expect any takers on this offer. I will instead expect violence, hyperbole, and contrived accusations. I hope you prove me wrong. What is there to fear? Why not take the opportunity to possibly convert me?

I await any contact, but not for long.


One thought on “Limited Time Offer to Government has Expired

  1. Sstt08 says:

    Remeber our own Attorney Geneal, the Honorable Eric Holder, said it best, “This is a nation of COWARDS.’ And so it is. For the Government actions abroad (namely former President George Bush) we the people of the United States have been placed in harms way. We are pursued by a relentless violent martyrs, all because of the lies of government officials. GOD help us who are truely yours. We have the spirit of the Antichrist living and breathing in this country (70%). Remeber Jesus addressed these people (lawyers) as hypocrites. Wonder what percentage of our federal and state legislatures are comprised of these dispicable  people (lawyers). Nevertheless we must contend for the truth.  I stand with you. 

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