The real slumlords – Government leading by example

The City of Collinsville, Illinois recently abandoned an ordinance which would have forced landlords to open their tenants doors and private lives to government intervention and inspection; requiring tenants to apply for and receive a occupancy permit to inhabit an apartment. It would also have forced private home owners to procure the same permit by bringing their aging homes up to a 2009 building code, thereby forcing people to spend money for improvements they may not otherwise have, nor can afford; and all for perceived threats to safety or health. The pejorative leveled against the landlords has been that of slumlord, as well as seeking to profit at the expense of others (unwitting tenants).

Let us look at the true slumlord, government. Who is it that provides salaries for malfeasing nincompoops, otherwise known as councilperson, mayor, legislator, judge, police officer…, at the expense of tax payers? Who is it that by the actions of their “government actors”, people are defrauded of their earnings, livelihoods, investments, liberty, and consent? Who is it that takes more and more, yet the fruits of their labor, infrastructure, safety, accountability, responsibility, efficiency… are either crumbling, insufficient, or non-existent? Who creates a presumably “safe society” which provides the necessities of those consenting and voting, yet creates a political slum within which we are held hostage by more and more oppressive rules and taxes which benefit non other than the oligarchs themselves? It would appear that within the realm of slumlords, government has written the rulebook and excelled in its application.

Are government actors not the true slumlords? Do they  not create an unsafe environment for many? Sure, some people may be happy, getting the “show case” apartment, but the rest of the people live in political squalor. For government to identify a deficiency with society and attempt to speak on behalf of those who need their assistance, while at the same time failing to live up to the expectations of the consenting governed, is disingenuous and deceitful. They always ask for a “little more” of our liberty in order to make the world an almost perfect place, while at the same time we end up toiling tirelessly to support their failed endeavors and dividing ourselves ever more. Shame on us.


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