Letter to the Editor of the Belleville News Democrat Regarding Officials Ignoring Criminal Charges Against Police

Letter can be read here. (Taken offline by the Belleville News Democrat)

Links to other relevant pages.

Drop the State’s Attorney a note on their contact page. Refer to this article/website if you will. (This link no longer works thanks to the State’s Attorney’s Office)

If you are serving on a Grand Jury or know of anyone serving on a Grand Jury, please contact me. You have the authority to investigate without permission or direction of the State’s Attorney, when you are faced with allegations of criminal acts. You can investigate, call witnesses, and if you choose, issue indictments. I will avail myself to appearing personally or providing evidence and the original sworn complaints to you.

I suggest not voting for either Mr. Haida or Mr. Baricevic. I am contacted by many who have suffered at the hands of the police and are denied justice because the prosecutors and judges refuse to prosecute. They need violent, corrupt individuals acting as law enforcement to do the State’s bidding. If they begin prosecuting police then a flood-gate will open revealing a systemic system of corruption and abuse that will shake the trust of those still fooled into believing the system exists for their protection.

If you have suffered at the hands of police or have tried to bring charges against someone where the police refused to pursue charges, I can show you how to bring charges yourself. You do not need to go through the police to file criminal charges. The police have no constitutional duty to serve or protect you. If you are tired of being dismissed or ignored, contact me.


Judging law enforcers

ELECTION TIME IS right around the corner. Allow me to introduce you to two men who will greet you on the ballot and who, in my opinion, do not deserve to hold any public office. The men to whom I refer are St. Clair County State’s Attorney Bob Haida and Chief Judge John Baricevic.

Why do I hold these men in such low esteem, you may ask? Because these men either do not know the law or refuse to abide by it. They have received sworn notice of criminal acts which consist of felony complaints of official misconduct by Fairview Heights Police. Haida and Baricevic are engaging in malfeasance, misfeasance or both.

The issue is, what do you do when police break the law? Illinois law is clear on what to do, yet, when confronted with the clear, black-and-white duty imposed upon their offices, neither Haida nor Baricevic act or respond. If you take your issue to a police agency you will grow old and die while reviews of “policy” are slowly drawn out and your claims dismissed. The law provides for a remedy, but that is predicated upon your elected officials performing their duties.

If you have suffered at the hands of police, contact me. If you are serving on a grand jury or know of anyone serving on a grand jury, contact me. You can read more by going to http://markmccoy.com/wp/?p=303

Tired of government officials acting as though they are above the law? Contact me.

Mark McCoy



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