Illinois Constitutional Convention

What to expect:

Illinois is ready for a new constitution. The time is right for a constitutional convention. Our present Illinois Constitution has failed us miserably, and has allowed government to creep into almost every aspect of our lives. Through this website I hope to garner enough interest in having the people call for a constitutional convention, and also to point out the inherent weaknesses in our present document. We need a total re-write of our constitution. Our republic has been slowly eroding away, thanks to our so-called leaders, lawyers, judges and ignorance. I hope to stop that erosion. This site will be in development constantly, so visit often to keep apprised of updates and events. In-short, here is where the new Illinois Constitution begins, and the tyranny of the past ends.

I will be seeking the People’s vote in becoming a delegate to the constitutional convention. I believe that my knowledge and understanding of our constitution, as well as the shortcomings and failings of the present one, will afford me the opportunity to serve in forming a new constitution that will have the necessary wording to avoid any ambiguity in drawing well-defined limits for government, while leaving everything not defined to the People. I am not a parchment idolater. I do not look to the artifices of mischievous, self-aggrandizing men in seeking to understand the boundaries of my freedom. Such contrivances are the ruminations of oligarchic elitists who pander to our patriotism, exploit our ignorance, and cultivate our fear. I am a stalwart of natural rights and natural law.

There can be expected to be many who decry a new Illinois Constitution. The opposition from the people-at-large will be infinitesimal. However, there will be such an effort consolidated amongst associations, industries, organizations, and bureaucracies so as to lend to the perception that this government exists merely as a protectionist racket for monopolistic corporatism. It is this consolidation of money, power, and influence that has tantalized the elected servants of the people; and thus, having basked in their incestuous patrimony of corruption and privilege, devise ever more clever ways of causing the people to vie for the scraps from their tables.

I predict that much, if not all of the opposition, will come from Chicago. Chicago is a bastion of corruption, power, and money. The problems inherent in such an urban environment set the tone for other communities in Illinois. Let’s face it. Chicago pretty much runs Illinois. Whether it’s political corruption, nazi-like police tactics, crime, corporate protectionism…. Chicago picks the playlist we all dance to.  Chicago should be either ceded to the federal government as an enclave of socialist fermentation, or there needs to be a provision in the constitution that provides for special circumstances to address large metropolitan units possessing particular problems that require people to relinquish their personal liberty in favor of privileges. I predict that an effluent consisting of constitutional law attorneys, academics, and displaced philosophes waxing Hobbs and social utility will attempt to sweep away pro-convention constructionists, sovereigns, and natural rights proponents who exhibit the audacity to tinker with the constitution.

Before embarking upon another constitutional convention, we should reflect back on, not where the other constitutions were inadequate, but where we were so neglectful, indifferent, apathetic, and greedy as to allow ourselves to be subjugated and patronized as though we were catatonic troglodytes meandering aimlessly in search for a sovereign to protect us and compel our allegiance. We must once again assert that we are the true sovereigns. Government possesses no inherent sovereignty. We allow it only to exercise what limited sovereignty we bestow upon it to effect our just and lawful ends. Let those who wish to submit do so, but let the rest who refuse to be ruled retain the recourse and the means with which to repel any governmental aggression. So where do we go from here?

First, I will go through the text of the previous constitutions of Illinois and explain how they reflect the People’s intent to form a limited government. I will also identify significant political milestones that would later be reflected in Illinois changing constitution; milestones that were not necessarily in maintaining state sovereignty and autonomy.

Second, I will breakdown our present Illinois Constitution with a comparative analysis between it and the original, along with annotations and case law.

Third, I will provide wording for a new constitution along with annotations for why I chose such wording.

After all is said and done, I hope to convince the People that they should demand a constitutional convention; elect me as a delegate; and demand the wording I offer for the new Illinois Constitution. This is a fairly daunting and exhaustive task for one man. I will be updating this site as I progress, so please make it a point to visit often. I will also be asking for the People’s input and comments to my efforts. Remember, this is merely a constitution. It is the blueprint, the organic law for that legal fiction, the mischievous artifice called government. It’s purpose is limited and specific. It can be destroyed as easily as it can be created. The people lending themselves to the animation of agencies, officers, and bureaucrats are flesh-and-blood. They may call themselves authorities, sovereigns, governors, but they are people in costume playing to your indoctrinated consent for them to act through your abdication of power.


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