Analysis of the Barak Obama Speech on Race

Obama, my nigga’!

I respect your feigned attempt at illustrating the racial divide that has been eating away at this country’s cultural psyche and that which is now culminating with the triangulation of hate, nationalism, and racism fed by the fuel of “illegal immigration” tossed capriciously upon the smoldering heap of racial discord. You may believe you are quelling the acrimony, but you sir, have possibly exacerbated it. You were speaking to a largely ignorant populace, but the undertone of a rallying cry for elitists permeates your message.

Considering you position, it is understood that politicians feed upon the insecurities and ignorance of others they callously call their constituents. Politicians have become the new plantation owners and we, those you call “citizens of the United States”, are the slaves. Beginning with the acceptance of slavery in the Constitution, notwithstanding the irreconcilable dichotomy with the Declaration that says “all men are created equal”, implying that slaves were not men; through the un-Civil war for commerce not slavery; the passage of the “Reconstruction Amendments to the United States Constitution”; through the black codes of the south; the struggle for equality, civil disobedience, and the Civil Rights Act… At every turn government has successfully circumvented black’s attempts at asserting their unalienable rights and claiming their sovereignty. Instead, they have been sold a Bill of Rights, through the Incorporation Doctrine, and afforded to be duly processed under the law.

Why, sir, do you serve up platitudes such as, “…to deliver slaves from bondage, or provide men and women of every color and creed their full rights and obligations as citizens of the United States.”? Why do you not refer to the common Creator of all men instead of the watered-down prescriptive servitude of U.S. citizenship? Is it because those U.S. citizens are the subjects over who you seek to be elected their keeper? I essayed this trap of involuntary servitude on my blog where I addressed the profundity called “Martin Luther King Day”.

Mr. Obama, we, the “kept inhabitants” of the United States are the niggas of the 21’st century. We have been goaded, tricked, deceived, dumbed-down, frightened, fattened, and exploited to turning to that sonofaUncleSam for our sustenance and security. We almost have true equality inasmuch as the middle-class and lower-class are virtually homogenous and the ruling elite, of which politicians, lawyers, and corporations occupy the marble thrones. Niggers belong to the antebellum and pre-civil rights world, where the segue to niggas has now embraced both white, black, male, and female through surreptitious legislation, police state implementation, and the dissolution of our republic into one large federal enclave occupied by resident vassals.

Even though I hail from the “whitey” camp of U.S. niggas, I wholeheartedly agree with Reverend Wright’s rhetoric. The man has nailed it. I sense his indignance, outrage, frustration, and honesty. America is not the land of God. It is not the land of justice. It is not the land of freedom. It is a lie, a bastion of hypocrisy, a stronghold of ignorance, and a source of world instability and strife. And it is because people have surrendered their reason, conscience and morals in favor of being fattened for slaughter by earthly masters. The people refuse to, or at least cannot hear the truth, because their ears are full of sand and their heads full of public school indoctrination. Whites, as well as blacks, are culpable for the disastrous ending to the great American experiment. Whites first subjugated blacks, and then offered them government privileges instead of acknowledging their rights as free people under one Creator. The so-called black leaders then formed an alliance with government in exchange for power and positions of influence over the not-quite-free rabble. Instead of expressing righteous indignation and claiming their right to self-determination they became the dispensers of handouts and benefits. As long as they kept the masses placated, government would extend to them latitude and discretion in arbitrating their obedience.

Until people, black, white, Hispanic, and other refuse to lend their consent to other men in hopes of being governed into prosperity and happiness; until they stop surrendering their children to murderers for militaristic pursuits and glory; until they stop toiling for their master’s benefit instead of their own; until they stop the hypocrisy and lying, they will continue to suffer by their own hands, chained and calloused, controlled and owned by tyrants and despots. Mr. Obama, you may believe you adroitly avoided calling a spade a spade, but you inadvertently called us all your nigga’s.


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