I finally get "census'd"…. sort of.

I got “census’d” today. What fun! No, I did not participate. I talked to the census taker for about 45 minutes. She was pleasant and professional. I did not answer her questions except for telling her, for purposes of a Constitutional census, the number of people is “two”. I declined my name, phone number, race (duh), whether I was married (or who the second person was), or any other information. I don’t know what she thought, but i guarantee that after my 45 minute soliloquy, she “thought”.

There had been about 3 attempts by the census by visiting my home. They left a notice with a name and number to contact them regarding submitting their form, but as I explained to the census taker, I saw no reason or obligation to reach out to them. I figured that if they showed up when I was home it would happen.

So, today, as I worked in my yard the census taker approached me by walking up the driveway to where I was working. Her name is Karen Pasterski. She showed the requisite ID and presented herself well. She was polite and pleasant. She was no different than many people I come across in my daily conversations. Most believe what they have been taught in school, told by their parents, read and see in the media, and informed of by the government. I did not seek to change here way of thinking to match mine, but rather to challenge her own way of thinking.

She asked me the basic questions like, what is your name, age, phone number, race…. I declined to answer any questions. I told her that the Constitution provides for a census to be taken every 10 years for the purposes of setting the number of representatives. For such purposes, I told her the number is two. She then told me that she needed at least 3 answers to consider the form “complete”. I replied that any other information is outside the authority extended to the government by the Constitution. She agreed, but then said that “…today, the information is also used for funding…” I asked her to quote the Constitutional provision that extended the purpose of a census to cover “funding”. She admitted that the census is used for such purposes, but could not cite any constitutional provision.

She went on to say that Collinsville relies upon the census for federal dollars to which I replied I would rather it not receive federal dollars. She said that Collinsville may choose to pay for a special census, to which I replied it would be one more census to not participate with since I did not participate in the last special census which resulted in Collinsville receiving home rule status.

I went on to comment on how government has failed and has shown to be more of a threat to liberty than a protector of it. I commented on how the people, and only those wishing to form such, were the masters of government but the tables have turned and the people are now subservient to government. I told her that I, in good conscience, cannot cooperate in supporting government in any way. I told her that I had renounced my citizenship, had no SSN, received no privileges or benefits, and possess no civil rights. She seemed very curious and allowed me to explain my statements.

She agreed on many points, but thought it more effective to remain “below the radar” than to stand up to the system. I disagreed, saying that I believed myself to possess certain talents and abilities which empowered me to stand defiant against the system.

Even though I disagreed and refused to cooperate with the census, I understood her position and hoped she therfore understood mine. I told her that if she needed a minimum of 3 answers she was welcome to to complete her form as she saw fit, using, if need-be, presumption drawn from her own inferences pursuant to our discussion. I told her I cared not what she put on “her” form, but I would not assist in providing specific details. What she put on the form… I have no idea.

In 45 minutes I told her about my run for political office, being detained by Homeland Security, my website, the difference between being an American and U.S. citizen, and my renouncing U.S. citizenship. Should I have not said anything? Why not take the opportunity? Every mind is a potential ally. Maybe exposure to the truth will give them pause and cause them to think about things. I told her, “I have nothing to hide, but I have everything to hide.” It is not what I have to hide, per se, but what I choose to disclose. She was just a pleasant woman doing what she thought was legitimate and lawful. I saw no need for confrontation, antagonism, or disrespect. I treat every one with the benefit of the doubt that they are possibly as ignorant as I once was.

I have read so many emails and posts about people in the “patriot” movement having an experience with the census taker. Many of them range from encounters which are confrontational, antagonistic, and abusive.  People are the ones who possess the natural, sovereign, and absolute power and yet we allow ourselves to act from a position of fearful and ignorant oafs when we encounter a government actor. I refuse to paint with a broad brush and discount such people as lost souls. I too, at one point, used to pledge allegiance and proudly wield my SSN.

After it was all said and done, we shook hands and she left. What she does from there is of no consequence to me.  I would give the same speech to anyone who came wielding “authority”. I don’t expect any negative consequences from our meeting. I hope she stops and reflects on what we discussed. All we can do is sow seeds.


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